End-of-Life Planning: Ultimate Guide

You can go through the guide step-by-step or you can focus on specific articles that might be more relevant to your situation. See how GoodTrust can help you prepare, today.Step 1 - Get Your Affairs In OrderStep 2 - Protect Your Digital LegacyStep 3 - Memorialize & Delete Social Media AccountsStep 4 - Close Online Accounts & Cancel SubscriptionsStep 5 - End-of-Life Planning For A Loved One


Get Your Affairs In Order

No matter your age or health, it's never too early to create an end-of-life plan. It could be finalizing your bucket list. Or choosing a legal guardian. Maybe clarifying which medical procedures you'd like done if you become incapacitated. Regardless of your choices, it's important to get your affairs in order while you still have the time and mental capacity to do so.

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Protect Your Digital Legacy

In this day and age, end-of-life planning must include a plan for your digital accounts. Your digital legacy includes everything online: from email to bank accounts to social media. With GoodTrust, you can assign people to secure your online presence and securely provide them with the information they need to do so.

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Family History

Learn how to trace your ancestry and create a family tree for you and your loved ones to pass down through the generations.

Secure Social Media

Secure your social media accounts so your loved ones can delete, memorialize or retrieve content once you have passed away.

Protect Online Accounts

Protect your online accounts, including bank accounts, music apps, and subscription services, so your identity and financials are secured.

Safeguard Documents

Easily and safely store or share essential family documents like wills, passports, insurance, estate information and more.

Future Messages

Send Future Messages as a digital time capsule either to friends or family members or to your future self. Even after you pass away.


Memorialize & Delete Social Media Accounts

Memorializing or deleting social media accounts helps keep your identity safe and stops people from misusing the accounts.

When undertaking end-of-life planning, you can choose individuals to close down or memorialize your social media accounts by providing them the necessary details on GoodTrust. They can also potentially retrieve content on your behalf.

Secure These Accounts Today


Close Online Accounts & Cancel Subscriptions

With GoodTrust, you can put people in charge of closing or managing all types of online accounts. This is a crucial step for protecting your money and identity, so make sure you’ve assigned a Trusted Contact to take care of your online accounts.


End-of-Life Planning For A Loved One

Sometimes a person passes away but leaves behind no trace of their wishes or end-of-life plans. GoodTrust is here to help navigate those waters and provide options to memorialize them in heartwarming ways.

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We help you securely store and manage your digital legacy of websites, social media, documents, last will and deliver it all to the right people today or when you pass away.
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