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Protect your digital life and legacy. Today.

GoodTrust helps you create your will-based estate plan online in minutes. You can organize and securely share digital assets like documents, accounts, and devices. It's easy and free to get started.

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Will & Directives
Create your Will and Directives in less than 15 minutes.Create Last Will
Digital Vault
Ensure your digital life is managed according to your wishes.Set Up Digital Vault
Singing Portraits
Bring a photo to life and lip sync with a catchy tune.Try Singing Portraits
Digital Executor
Take care of a loved one's accounts after they've passed away.Set Up Digital Executor

It's easy to get started.

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Sign-up with a free account to create your will-based estate plan and set up your secure digital vault to protect your digital life and legacy.


Add a Trusted Contact to your account so an important person get access to your digital assets today or if something were to happen to you.


It is easy to add, edit, or change anything in your will-based estate plan and digital vault. Update as life changes.

Discover GoodTrust today.

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Estate Planning. A Last Will & more.

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do for both you and your family. An estate plan includes a Will, Durable Financial Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, Funeral Directive and even a Pet Directive. Don't worry, GoodTrust makes it straightforward and secure to take all the necessary steps.

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Digital Vault. Secure your digital life.

Think of your Digital Vault as the ultimate place to store and share your digital life. This can include priceless content like photos and videos, account credentials, and important documents and files. You decide who has access to it and when.

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Life stories. You, remembered.

Life Stories allows you to share and preserve moments that matter. You can do this with animated and singing photos, digital time capsules, and an interactive story of your memories. We make it engaging, meaningful, and fun!

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or Try Living Portraits
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Digital Executor. Preserve the memory of your loved ones.

Have you ever considered what happens to your Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos in case you die? Has someone close to you passed away and you got locked out of their account? GoodTrust Digital Executor removes the stress and confusion to ensure any accounts are managed according to someone's wishes.

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Your information is safe.

We realize that you are trusting the GoodTrust service with some of the most important information, data and documents that you own. Your information is encrypted and protected using industry-leading technology and security.


We’re using the AES-256 encryption method. It’s the only cipher approved by the U.S. National Security Agency for top-secret information. The only way to break our security would be by a brute force attack. This means a computer has to try every possible combination of 64 characters one after another. Deciphering a single AES-256 code would take longer than the universe exists. Simply put, your data is safe. And remember: we store our data here too.

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End-of-Life Planning: Ultimate Guide

Explore GoodTrust's end-of-life planning guide, which provides step-by-step instructions for important actions to take, such as creating a Will or deleting social media accounts.

Step 1 - Get Your Affairs In Order Step 2 - Protect Your Digital Legacy Step 3 - Memorialize & Delete Social Media Accounts Step 4 - Close Online Accounts & Cancel Subscriptions Step 5 - End-of-Life Planning For A Loved One

Frequently Asked Questions

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GoodTrust helps you create your will-based estate plan online in minutes. You can organize and securely share digital assets like documents, accounts, and devices. It's easy and free to get started.

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