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Protect the memory of your loved ones.

Quickly and easily take charge of social media sites to protect the memory of your loved ones. Secure important documents, content, photos, and stop paying subscriptions.


Take action and select relevant sites now.

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Protect The Memory of Loved Ones

Take control or take down important personal online accounts to avoid identity theft and scammers.

Memorialize or Delete Social Media Pages

Memorialize or delete social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others.

Take Control of Online Photos and Videos

Ensure priceless photos and videos are not lost - extract important content.

Close Down Paying Subscription Accounts

Stop charges from subscriptions and shopping accounts like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and many others.

Easy, fast and secure way to protect your loved ones.

Select sites & actions

Select the websites you need help with and the action you want taken. Each website has a unique set of options.

Upload & sign documents

Provide information about the account, and upload documents like proof that the person has passed away and create necessary online Power of Attorneys.

Goodtrust makes it happen

The GoodTrust team reaches out to all the global websites you select to ensure that your requested actions are safely and diligently completed in a timely manner. And we keep you continuously updated throughout the process.

Trusted experts in digital legacy.

Rikard Steiber, CEO and Founder of GoodTrust

Trusted experts in digital legacy.

Easy and convenient

Easy, user-friendly and time saving process. One secure point of contact for all the websites and accounts that you need to manage.

Maximizing chance of success

All documents and information are reviewed by our team of experts before submission to the various websites.

Security and integrity

GoodTrust applies state of the art data security measures and technology to protect the integrity of your data.

Customer support that care

Our online support teams are ready to help you 24/7. We want you to have peace of mind and not have to worry.

Media mentions


“GoodTrust manages your
digital accounts after you die”


“Take Control
Of Your Afterlife”


“Life after death - a problem
that is not getting any smaller”

Business Insider

“What happens to all of your
digital ‘stuff’ when you die?”


“There are an estimated 30 million
dead people on Facebook today”


“GoodTrust Launches First-of-its-kind,
digital-legacy management platform”

We are serious about security.

We realize that you are trusting the GoodTrust service with some of the most important information, data and documents that you own. Your information is encrypted and protected using industry-leading technology and security.

Keeping you safe

Similar to your bank and healthcare information we secure your stored data as well as all data in transit from our site to secure encrypted data storage. Our communications and storage infrastructure are encrypted using the latest best practice. Only you have full access to your data.

We are serious about security.
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Protect the memory of your loved ones.

Take control or take down all the online sites and accounts of someone who passed away. Today.

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