Secure your digital assets and memories.

The easy, safe and inexpensive way to safeguard your digital assets and share them with loved ones today or after you pass away.

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“What Happens To Our Digital Life After We Die”

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"GoodTrust Helps You Manage Your Afterlife Wishes"


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“Why You Should Think About Your Digital Assets Before You Die”

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Sites & SocialSecure online accounts like email, social, financial, photos, subscriptions etc.
Safeguard DocumentsMake your will, insurance, house title, contracts, passport, etc. easy to find.
Your Future MessagesDeliver messages to your loved ones via email or videos in the future.
Will & DirectivesCreate and share a last will and final wishes with family members.
Help Your Loved OnesProtect the digital legacy of a loved one who is incapacitated or passed away.

What happens to your digital “stuff” when you die?

Rikard Steiber, Daniel Sieberg

A new book from Daniel Sieberg and Rikard Steiber that will let you take control of your online afterlife.

Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife will empower you to protect your priceless memories and digital assets and ensure they are treated according to your wishes. Think of it as a roadmap to help create your digital will.


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How can GoodTrust help you today?

Secure your digital legacy and assets

Ensure that your important online accounts like email, photos, documents and financial sites are discoverable.

Memorialize or Delete Social Media Pages

Start a social media will and make a plan for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many others.


Create shareable animations from your photos to capture life moments in new and meaningful ways.

Free will, medical and funeral directives

Make your wishes known in a will, medical or funeral directive, to be shared now or when you pass away.

Protect the memory of your loved ones too.

Take charge of social media sites quickly to protect the memory of your loved ones. Secure important photos and other priceless content and stop paying subscriptions quickly.

Protect your loved onesProtect your loved onesSelect which sites and social media accounts are most valuable.
Memorialize FacebookMemorialize Facebook pages to protect the legacy of loved ones.
Extract photos from GoogleExtract Google PhotosMake sure that all your invaluable photos and videos are not lost.
Stop Netflix subscriptionAnnoyed by recurring payments of Netflix? Take action right now.
Trusted experts in digital legacy.

Rikard Steiber, CEO and Founder of GoodTrust

Trusted experts in digital legacy.

Speed and Simplicity

Easy, user-friendly and time saving process. One secure point of for all websites that you need to manage.

Maximum chance of success

All documents and information are protected by a team of experts before you pass away.


World-class data centers, encryption and state-of-the-art methods for securing user accounts and data.

Awesome customer support

Our online support teams are ready to help you 24/7. We want you to have peace of mind and not worry.

We are serious about security.

We realize that you are trusting the GoodTrust service with some of the most important information, data and documents that you own. Your information is encrypted and protected using industry-leading technology and security.

Keeping you safe

Similar to your bank and healthcare information we secure your stored data as all data in transit from our site to secure encrypted data storage. Our communications and storage infrastructure are encrypted using the latest best practices. Only you have full access to your data.

We are serious about security.

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