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15 min
Last Will
Create your Last Will in less than 15 min.
8 min
Funeral Directive
Cremation, burial? Which music?Learn more
8 min
Power of Attorney
Grant someone legal authority of your affairs.Learn more
8 min
Health Care Directive
Plans for your medical futureLearn more
10 min
Pet Directive
Make sure your pet is always safeLearn more

Protect your estate. Prepare today, plan for the future.

$49.5 billionThat's the value of unclaimed property in the U.S. - or the market value of FedEx. (SmartAsset)
140 000 000Less than 1/3 of U.S. adults have a will - that leaves 140 million people without one. (
77%77% of Americans believe estate planning is important for everyone - regardless of wealth. (Edward Jones)

You can do it, one step at a time.

01. Fill out your will online

We will guide you through how to easily fill out your will online. It takes less than 15 minutes to get your last will and testament done.

02. Print it out & Sign it

The information you provide is combined with the precise language of our attorney-crafted legal forms. After printing it, you will need two witnesses to sign as well.

03. Upload it, store it and share it.

Last step is to upload it to Docs & Notes in your GoodTrust account and share it with a Trusted Contact. This is a vital step to keep it safe.
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Why do I need a Will?

No matter your age, wealth, or health, you should have a will. Without the right documentation, the courts decide what happens to your assets—and more importantly, the pets, children, and adults in your care. Children can end up in foster care if the court doesn't deem anyone acceptable or no one volunteers, and pets can end up in shelters. Unlike spouses, long-term partners generally don't have automatic legal rights to anything not also in their names. Assets don't need to be financially valuable—sentimentality matters. This is part of why it's crucial to create a will, no matter how old you are. Life and death are unpredictable, and you probably know who would want certain belongings and pets.


You and your spouse need separate wills. Even if the information is identical, you cannot have a joint will.
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A last will and testament that includes your digital legacy.

With GoodTrust, you can create your will and protect your digital legacy. But what exactly does this all mean?
Digital Legacy
Your digital legacy includes all of your online accounts, media, documents, and information. You can assign a digital executor to carry out your last wishes as they pertain to your digital death and digital afterlife.
Last Will
A will, also called a last will and testament, is a legal document regarding what you've planned for your estate. This includes what happens to your property, money, and, if relevant, children, adults under your care, and pets upon your death. The free will feature also includes plans for your digital legacy
Upload Important Documents
With GoodTrust, you can upload and protect important documents like your will, advance healthcare directive and funeral directive so they are secure and only accessible by your Trusted Contact or durable power or attorney.

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