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In the time it takes to catch up on the news, you can ensure your children are taken care of, your life's assets are shared with loved ones, and your precise wishes are carried out. Developed in consultation with top legal experts, you can customize your will to address your specific needs.​ ​Don't delay – get started today!

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How to create a will using GoodTrust

01. Fill out your will online

We will guide you how to easily fill out your will online. It takes less than 15 minutes to get your last will and testament done.


The information you provide is combined with the precise language of our attorney-crafted legal forms. After printing it, you will need two witnesses to sign as well.

03. Upload it, store it and share it

Last step is to upload it to Docs & Notes in your GoodTrust account and share it with a Trusted Contact.

Create last will and testament while protecting your digital legacy.

With GoodTrust, you can create your will and protect your digital legacy. But what precisely are these?
A will, also called a last will and testament, is a legal document regarding what you've planned for your estate. This includes what happens to your property, money, and, if relevant, children, adults under your care, and pets upon your death. The free will feature also includes plans for your digital legacy. Your digital legacy includes all of your online accounts, media, documents, and information. You can assign a digital executor to carry out your last wishesas they pertain to your digital death and digital afterlife. With GoodTrust, you can upload and protect important documents like your will, medical directive, funeral directive so they are secure and only accessible by your contact or durable power or attorney.
What is a will

Why do I need a will?

No matter your age, wealth, or health, you should have a will. Without the right documentation, the courts decide what happens to your assets—and more importantly, the pets, children, and adults in your care. Children can end up in foster care if the court doesn't deem anyone acceptable or no one volunteers, and pets can end up in shelters. Unlike spouses, long-term partners generally don't have automatic legal rights to anything not also in their names.Assets don't need to be financially valuable—sentimentality matters. This is part of why it's crucial to create a will, no matter how old you are. Life and death are unpredictable, and you probably know who would want certain belongings and pets.


You and your spouse need separate wills. Even if the information is identical, you cannot have a joint will.
Why do you need a will?


15 min
Free Will
A wonderful act of selflessness to ensure your loved ones are safe.
2 min
Afterlife accounts
Specify who gets access to your online accounts after you pass away.
Funeral Directive
Cremation or burial? Which music? Go out in style but make it clear.
5 min
Advance Health Care Directive
Make clear your preferences with major healthcare decisions.
Durable Power of Attorney
Grant someone legal authority even when you're incapacitated.

How can we help you today?

Frequently asked questions.

What makes a will legal?

Laws regarding creating wills vary by state. However, in general, the following must be true:
  • You must be a legal adult of sound mind.
  • You must sign the will. This can occur even if you're on your deathbed, so long as you're of sound mind and have witnesses.
  • You must have two adult witnesses of sound mind sign the will unless you live in Vermont, which requires three witnesses. These witnesses can't be in the will to avoid bias or coersion.

We are serious about security.

We’re using the AES-256 encryption method. It’s the only cipher approved by the U.S. National Security Agency for top secret information. The only way to break our security would be by a brute force attack. This means a computer has to try every possible combination of 64 characters one after another. Deciphering a single AES-256 code would take longer than the universe exists. Simply put… your data is safe.
We are serious about security.

There's no time like the present to protect the people you love.

GoodTrust can help you create your will, write your funeral and medical directives, and prepare for your digital afterlife. We'll deliver all the information to the right people today or when you pass away, whichever you prefer. Create your will for free in just minutes and store the legally valid version in your GoodTrust account.
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