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Ensure family members understand how you want to be remembered
A celebration of life or a traditional remembrance, you decide
No notary or attorney required to create your funeral directive
The Funeral Directive is as part of your Will-based Estate Plan

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Go out in style. On your terms.

$7,848The national median cost of a funeral with burial and viewing in 2021. (
4xSearches for "celebration of life" are four times higher than they were two years ago. (Google Trends, 2020-2022)
$999The cost of a casket that can be delivered to your home by Amazon with its Prime service. (AARP)

We promise, this won't be deadly boring.

01. Fill out your Funeral Directive

We will guide you through each step to easily create your funeral directive online. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

02. Share with your appointee

After you have spoken with the person responsible for your funeral (your "appointee"), share the funeral directive with them via GoodTrust. When the time comes, they can easily access your directives.

03. Sign, print, & secure

Once you have completed your funeral directive, print and sign it according to your state laws. Then, upload it to your GoodTrust account for safekeeping.
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Make your wishes heard - and known.

Your funeral directive lets you dictate what happens to your body and how your life should be celebrated after you die. For example, if you wish to donate your organs and be cremated, creating a funeral directive can help ensure your wishes are met. If you know you want your funeral to be at a church, or if there are certain people who you want to be there, your funeral directive makes it clear.

Help your loved ones through a tough time.

Having a funeral directive allows loved ones to process their grief without having to stress about guessing your wishes for body disposition and funeral plans. Rushing funeral decisions could result in family members picking the first options for everything, which may be the most expensive. It could also result in a funeral that you would not have wanted. As the National Funeral Directors Association reports, the median cost of a funeral and burial is almost $8,000, and the median price for a cremation funeral is over $5,000. Pre-planning your funeral lets you control the cost as much as the events.
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What Can I Put in a Funeral Directive?

The primary goal of a funeral directive is to ensure your remains are handled appropriately. However, you can also include what you want to happen at your funeral. Some funeral decisions you may make are:
  • Appointee
  • Types of services you want (funeral, wake, celebration of life, etc.)
  • Guest list
  • How the funeral will be paid for
  • Preferred speakers and pallbearers

Frequently Asked Questions About A Funeral Directive.

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