Advance Health Care Directive by GoodTrust

Share Your Medical Wishes With A Living Will.

Also referred to as a Living Will, it makes your medical wishes known
Ensure your family knows your preferences in the event of an emergency
No notary or attorney required to finalize your Advance Health Care Directive
The Health Care Directive is as part of your Will-based Estate Plan

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As Seen In

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In case of emergency, provide clarity. Your health decisions are in your hands.

30%Only 1 in 3 Americans have an advance health care directive or living will. (
MythAdvance health care directives are only for old or sick people. (NPR)
58%People who believe advance health care directive is more important now than before the pandemic. (Frontier)

An Advance Health Care Directive could save your life.

01. Create a GoodTrust account

Setting up your GoodTrust account takes just a few minutes and creating an advance directive is free. We'll walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

02. Designate a Primary Doctor, Health Agent, and Wishes for Medical Care

Enter contact information for a physician, health agent, and, if desired, an alternate for each. Then, we'll walk you through entering your medical care instructions.

03. Sign, print, & keep safe

After you print your medical directive, you can either have two witnesses or a notary sign. Then simply upload your document to your GoodTrust account for safekeeping.

Eliminate any uncertainty with your medical wishes.

Your Advance Health Care Directive lets you determine what types of care you are comfortable with and when to end treatments. Without a medical directive, your loved ones and medical team have to guess what type of treatment you would want if you become incapacitated. Make your healthcare and end-of-life wishes known, today.

Don't leave your loved ones in the dark.

Creating an advance directive and designating a health agent takes away the worries your loved ones may feel about doing something "wrong." With your desires in writing, there can't be any question about what medical care you want.

Creating your Advance Health Care Directive takes minutes.

Creating an advance directive with GoodTrust takes about 15 minutes. Before getting started on your medical directive, gather all your physician's contact information and secure a health agent. Your health agent doesn't need to be the same person as the executor of your Will, though they can be. Simply print and sign your completed document with a notary or set of witnesses. Then simply upload the document to your GoodTrust profile. You should also give copies to your physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advance Health Care Directive.

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