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Jul-27 2021

When a loved one passes away, it’s important to preserve the music—and memories—that remind us of them. However, it’s also important to protect the personal and financial information stored in their music streaming accounts, like Spotify. Plus, those streaming services could continue to bill your loved one for their subscription after they have passed.

Downgrading or deleting someone else’s Spotify account is easiest if you've already been assigned to manage their music accounts in their digital will. Still, if they forgot to assign someone or the passwords aren't correct, there are options.

Below, we'll dig into how to cancel Spotify Premium and fully delete a Spotify account. Remember: Deleting any app doesn't mean the account is gone. It just means the app is gone. So, no matter what app you're deleting, be sure to deactivate or cancel the account first.

How to End a Spotify Premium Subscription

Most often, canceling a standard or student Spotify Premium account involves:

  1. Signing into the account

  2. Select "Your plan"

  3. Select "CHANGE PLAN"

  4. Scroll down to "Spotify Free" and click "CANCEL PREMIUM"

Note: Premium stays active until the next billing date, so you may need to wait until that date passes if you’re trying to fully delete the account.

Canceling a Premium Subscription from a Partner Company

If you can't find an option to change the plan in Spotify, the Premium account is most likely associated with a partner company. These include mobile and internet providers, iTunes, or Starbucks, which provides Premium Spotify accounts for their employees (aka partners). For service through mobile or internet providers, head to "Payment" on the user's Spotify account page to find out the service used and contact the provider.

If the subscription is via iTunes, you need to:

  1. Sign in to the user's Apple device

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on “Subscriptions”

  4. Find Spotify in the list of subscriptions and select "Cancel Subscription"

Note: When you cancel an Apple account entirely, all subscriptions should automatically cancel themselves. However, if it makes you feel more secure, you can delete all subscriptions individually before canceling the account.

For Spotify Premium provided by Starbucks, your best bet is to contact their PCC center at 866-504-7638. If they can't help you since you're not the partner, call Starbucks support at 1-800-782-7282.

Once Spotify Premium is canceled and the billing period has ended, you should be able to completely cancel the account as described earlier.

Canceling a Duo or Family Premium Subscription

People in the same households can share premium Duo or Family Spotify Premium subscriptions. Duo plans for two people create playlists based on both their tastes. One person starts the plan as the manager and adds the other as a member. The manager can't be changed, but they can remove the plan member from the account.

A Family subscription includes up to six people in the same household. One person is the account manager, and the rest are guests. Like a Duo plan, the manager can add or remove members, but the manager can't be changed.

To close a Duo or Family Spotify account, the manager first needs to cancel the Premium subscription, using the steps outlined above. Then, they can officially close the account.

How to Delete a Spotify Account (WITH PASSWORD)

Deleting a Spotify account removes everything that person had on there, including their playlists, saved music, and list of followers. Ending a premium subscription without deleting the account allows you to save their Spotify playlists and other music, though they'll now include ads and other limitations.

Here’s how to delete a Spotify account:

  1. Sign in.

  2. Cancel the Premium subscription, if applicable*

  3. Click "Account" and choose "I want to close my account."

  4. Spotify will ask if you want to “Close Account” or “Keep Free Account” - Select the option to “Close Account”, meaning you will lose all saved Podcasts and music on the account

*After cancelling Premium, the subscription remains active until the next billing cycle. Once that date has passed, you should be able to fully delete the account.

Deleting a Loved One's Spotify After Death (WITHOUT PASSWORD)

All the above assumes you have the account holder's password. (If you were named as a trusted contact on their GoodTrust account, you should have access to their credentials.) To delete a loved one's Spotify account after their death and without the password, contact Spotify directly.

How to Memorialize and Share a Playlist

Spotify does not offer an option to memorialize an account; you either need to leave it active or delete it. However, you have a couple of options if you want to remember your loved one via their music.

One unique feature offered by Spotify is Spotify Codes. These are like barcodes or QR codes that lead you to a specific song or playlist. If your loved one had a favorite playlist, you could create a Spotify Code to share it with friends and family. You could even print the code on keepsakes or cards and hand them out to attendees at your loved one’s funeral or memorial service.

Other options include keeping their free account active. Their email address would likely need to remain active, especially if you're afraid you may need to reset their password. Secondly, while it may take a while, you can re-create or use a selection of their music from their playlists on a different account controlled by you, then share that with others.

Secure Your Spotify Account with GoodTrust

Our Spotify accounts don’t just have the music we’ve grown to love over the course of our lives. They also have sensitive personal and financial information that needs protection against digital wrongdoers. A digital legacy service like GoodTrust can ensure your wishes are carried out and digital assets are protected.

You can include specific instructions on what to do with your Spotify account and ensure the right people have access after death.

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