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How To Deactivate A Twitter Account When Someone Dies

Aug-18 2020

Do you need to deactivate your deceased loved one’s Twitter Account? Here’s everything you need to know! 

Twitter Deactivation Options: If the Twitter account owner dies, currently you only have the option of 

Deleting the account. But according to TechCrunchin the wake of various user complaints, a memorialization option similar to that of Facebook, should be on its way soon. So stay tuned!

Required Information

  • User’s Twitter account username (@username or

  • Full name of the user

  • Copy of death certificate

  • Relationship to the user

  • Your full name and email

  • Copy of your proof of identification (ID, DL, Passport, etc.)

How to Delete A Twitter Account (WITHOUT PASSWORD):

  1. Access the Twitter Help Center

  2. Submit a Ticket through Twitter Privacy Form

  3. Select “I want to request the deactivation of a deceased or incapacitated person's account.”

  4. Fill in the report details with the required information

How to Delete A Twitter Account (WITH PASSWORD):

  1. Log in to Twitter with the your username and password

  2. Go to your "Settings" page

  3. Under Account Login and Security, select "Deactivate My Account"

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