Digital Executor. Protect the memory of you and others.

A Digital Executor is a trusted person who acts on your behalf to manage your digital life after you pass away. Or it could be to help a loved one who has already passed away. Either way, we make it seamless and secure to ensure anyone's wishes are carried out.

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Get help to take care of a loved one's online accounts.

Have you ever considered what happens to your Facebook, Google Photos, or financial accounts in case of the unthinkable? Has someone close to you passed and you got locked out of their online account? GoodTrust Digital Executor allows you to easily close down and memorialize multiple accounts in one place. Save and book a VIP package and you also get a free personal consultation.
VIP package: 5 or 10 AccountsGet a personal consultation and help to delete or memorialize 5 or 10 accounts.
Memorialize FacebookMemorialize Facebook pages to protect the legacy of loved ones.
Stop Netflix subscriptionAnnoyed by recurring payments of Netflix? Take action right now.
Extract Google PhotosMake sure that all your invaluable photos are not lost.

How does Digital Executor work?

Set Up Digital Executor

01. Select sites & actions

Select VIP package with personal service or select the sites you need help with and the actions to be taken. Easiest is to pick a 5 account VIP package.

02. Upload & sign documents

Provide information and documentation requested by the website company. You sign a power of attorney so we can represent you.

03. GoodTrust makes it happen

We'll reach out to all the global sites you selected and have them take the action you asked. We will keep you continuously updated.
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Select sites & accounts where your loved ones need our help.

The average person now has more than 75 online accounts. That can include social media, banking, subscriptions, news, blogs, financial services, and so much more. But what happens to it all after someone passes away? What do you want to have happen to it? We make it easy and secure to select which sites and accounts matter most to you or a loved one and take action on your behalf. It could mean memorializing them or something more complicated like extracting priceless content like photos. Let us do the work, you just decide what's important.
Select Sites and Accounts

Security at GoodTrust

Your privacy is our priority.

All communication is secured from your browser to our service with SSL-encryption (2048 bit certificates). All personally identifiable data stored in our databases is encrypted using AES-256 encryption*. Any files uploaded to GoodTrust servers are encrypted using AES-256 encryption.** The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for protecting top secret information.
More about security at GoodTrust
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End-of-Life Planning: Ultimate Guide

Explore GoodTrust's end-of-life planning guide, which provides step-by-step instructions for important actions to take, such as creating a Will or deleting social media accounts.Step 1 - Get Your Affairs In OrderStep 2 - Protect Your Digital LegacyStep 3 - Memorialize & Delete Social Media AccountsStep 4 - Close Online Accounts & Cancel SubscriptionsStep 5 - End-of-Life Planning For A Loved One
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