Create Your Future Message.

Future Messages from GoodTrust allow you to create a customized video, photo, or text message to be automatically sent to anyone on a date you decide. You can even schedule messages for after your death. Show your family, friends, or your future self how much you care with Future Messages.

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How it works?


Craft your message using text, photos, or videos. You can even animate your Memories with our AI technology.

02. Choose Who Gets a Future Message and When

Future Messages can be delivered to anyone, anytime in the future. You’ll need their correct contact information (email address), or can opt to post to your social media.


Across time and space, GoodTrust ensures your Future Message is delivered to the right person at the right moment. Then, when the time comes, your scheduled message is emailed.

Create Your Future Message


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Do you want to send your future self a digital time capsule of your hopes and dreams? Do you want to create a last goodbye message to be sent upon your death? Would you like to schedule messages to be sent to your children as they grow up after you're gone? Create a meaningful Future Message with text, photos, videos, and even animated images. There’s no limit to how creative you can be – just remember to speak from the heart.

Create Your Future Message


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GoodTrust will send your messages to your loved ones or post them on social media on dates you specify.

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Get Inspired

See what others wrote and get an inspiration for your future message.

Let Loved Ones Know You’re Always with Them.

Future Messages can be letters of love, farewell, joy, or even humor. They can bring smiles and tears. Most of all, they let your loved ones know that even after death, you are always with them. Ready to start? Here are some tips to help you craft and send messages after death.

Who to Send Future Messages to.

People often choose to send Future Messages to:
  • Their spouse or significant other
  • Their children
  • Their siblings
  • Their parents
  • Close friends
  • A mentor
  • Someone they looked up to
You can send a message after death to whomever you choose. It is a sweet and simple way to let a person know you were grateful to have them in your life.

When to Send Future Messages.

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Digital Time Capsule

A digital time capsule can include photo or video memories, your bucket list, or even a link to special social post.


Prepare Future Messages for milestones, like birthdays, graduations anniversaries and other important moments.

Upon Your Death

Send your last goodbye email or record a short video to friends and family or anyone you want to bid farewell.

To Help Remember

People with dementia or Alzheimer's can send a brief message to the future self to remember important things.

How to create a Future Message.

For starters, your Future Message can be any of the following: A photo, an animated photo, a video or an email. Before you start to write or record your message, ask yourself these questions:
  • Are they someone who would appreciate a heartfelt message, focusing on how much you love them?
  • Would they prefer something upbeat, even funny?
  • Do you plan to send the message after death for a special occasion (e.g. your recipient’s birthday)?
  • Do you and the recipient have inside jokes or fun memories you can recount in the message?
Choose the type of Future Message you think your loved one would most like to receive and get as creative as you want with it. These messages are an important part of your digital legacy, so make sure they show the real you.

To create your message, take the following steps:
  1. Write a script or, for a written message, a rough draft.
  2. Choose or take photos.
  3. If applicable, animate your photo using GoodTrust Memories.
  4. Create your final email, video, or picture message.
  5. Upload and schedule it on GoodTrust.
Future Message Filled

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