Identity Theft Insurance $1 million cyber protection.

$1 million Identity Theft Coverage
$25K Social Engineering Coverage
$25K Ransomware Coverage
Credit Monitoring Services
24/7 Cyber Support Line

With threats on the rise, we've got your back.

200%Reported increase in ID theft cases from 2019-2021 (U.S. FTC 2020)
6 secondsEvery 6 seconds there's a victim of ID theft and fraud (U.S. FTC 2021)
22BNumber of records exposed across 4,000 breaches in 2021 (2021 Data Breaches Report)
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Cyber Support. Any Day. Any Time.

Get access to a 24/7 cyber support line that can help you navigate any online account or identity related issues that you may be faced with. You'll have support with anything from proactive security practices to identifying potential breaches.
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Instant alerts. Anywhere.

With fraud, every second counts. We alert you in near-real time to new inquiries to your credit file, like if someone is trying to open a new credit card or bank loan in your name. You tell us how you want to be contacted and we'll do the rest.
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Protect yourself from credit fraud.

Stop unwanted inquiries into your credit history. Keep a pulse on your credit health with Transunion score.
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The best Digital Insurance, Digital Vault and Password Manager from brands trusted by millions of customers worldwide.


Digital Vault
Secure important documents
Protect online accounts
Manage access to devices
Organize, share, and store data
AES-256 encryption
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Password Manager
Unlimited Password Storage
Personalized security alerts
VPN for WiFi protection
Secure Password Generator
Dark Web Monitoring
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Digital Insurance
$1 million ID Theft Coverage
$25K Social Eng. Coverage
$25K Ransomware Coverage
Credit Monitoring Services
24/7 Cyber Support Line
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