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Our newest feature allows you to animate the faces in your family photos with amazing new technology that brings them to life. You can save the images with GoodTrust, download them, or share them with others.Or drag and drop a file
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Protect your digital lifeSecure online accounts like email, social, financial, photos, subscriptions etc.
Make memories come aliveAnimate the faces in your family photos with amazing technology.
Timeless MessagesSend Future Messages to loved ones.
Safeguard critical docsStore documents and share them with family at any time.
Share legacy with familySharing memories and assets now, or only when you pass away.

What else can GoodTrust do?

Frequently asked questions.

Which images work best?

Choosing which image to upload can make a noticeable difference in your animation. We suggest three primary tips:
  • The head pose should be front-facing as much as possible (not looking to the side or up or down)
  • Best to upload photos that are not blurry, too dark or too noisy (fuzzy)
  • Avoid big teethy grins or anything obscuring the face like eyeglasses

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