Smart Digital Protection. Identity, passwords & vault.

$1 million Identity Theft Coverage by CyberScout
Manage passwords across devices with a Password Manager
Secure accounts and documents in your GoodTrust Digital Vault
Safe browsing with your own WI-FI VPN connection

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What's included in the plan

Protect AccountsProtect Accounts
Secure all your financial, social media & online accounts.Secure all your financial, social media & online accounts.
Start for freeStart for free
Safeguard DocumentsSafeguard Documents
Secure access to your most important documents & notes.Secure access to your most important documents & notes.
Secure DevicesSecure Devices
Manage all your personal devices and passcodes in one place.Manage all your personal devices and passcodes in one place.
Cyber ProtectionCyber Protection
Protect your identity, finances, and devices with $1 million coverage.Protect your identity, finances, and devices with $1 million coverage.
Password ManagerPassword Manager
Bank-level security for password and data management.Bank-level security for password and data management.

Don't become another cyber statistic. Take action today.

350KNew malware programs discovered each day (AV-Test 2021 report)
6 secondsEvery 6 seconds there's a victim of ID theft and fraud (U.S. FTC 2021)
+19%Number of records exposed across 4,000 breaches in 2021 (2021 Data Breaches Report)

$1 million identity theft protection in one place.

We monitor and alert you if we detect your identity, accounts, and passwords have been breached. If you're a victim of ID theft, our experienced “white glove” fraud resolution team will help you navigate credit bureaus, help you initiate credit freezes or lock, and work with you around the clock to resolve your fraud incident.
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Personalized online and device security manager.

In partnership with Dashlane, the GoodTrust Digital Protection plan comes with intelligent safety tools—VPN, password manager, and more—to protect your online privacy and data. Secure password manager compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Android and Chrome OS.
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The GoodTrust Digital Vault provides centralized and secure convenience.

One place for all the important stuff in your life. Secure your files, internet accounts, device access, important documents, social media, and more.
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About Digital Protection

What's included in the plan?

The best Digital Insurance, Digital Vault and Password Manager from brands trusted by millions of customers worldwide.


Digital Vault
Secure important documents
Protect online accounts
Manage access to devices
Organize, share, and store data
AES-256 encryption
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Password Manager
Unlimited Password Storage
Personalized security alerts
VPN for WiFi protection
Secure Password Generator
Dark Web Monitoring
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Digital Insurance
$1 million ID Theft Coverage
$25K Social Eng. Coverage
$25K Ransomware Coverage
Credit Monitoring Services
24/7 Cyber Support Line
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Get it all for $5/month
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Your information is safe.

Security Info
Our multi-layer security protects your privacy and keeps your personal information and assets safe.
A multi-factor authenticationWe confirm it’s really you.
Bank-level encryptionGoodTrust is protected by 256-bit encryption—equivalent to the encryption used by banks and most financial institutions.
Digital Vault cloud storageSafely store your Estate Plan and other important documents and information in your Digital Vault.

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