Life Stories. You, remembered.

Life Stories allows you to share and preserve moments that matter. You can do this with animated and singing photos, digital time capsules, and an interactive story of your memories.

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Start your story with GoodTrust

Story Portraits
Make any photo talk and share their story with family and friends.Start for free
Singing Portraits
Upload a photo, choose a song, and watch the person lip sync.Animate Photo
Live Portraits
Bring any photos to life with new amazing technology.Animate Photo
Future Messages
Send a video or letter to the future days, weeks, or years from now.Send Message

Let your photo tell a story.

Never forget those priceless moments with Story Portraits. Record your voice, select a pre-created phrase or image, type your message. Our AI magic does the rest and you get to share the result with friends and family. The ultimate surprise and delight and preservation of family memories.
La Traviata by Verdi
La Traviata by Verdi

Lip sync to your favorite songs with Singing Portraits.

Singing Portraits is a fun and engaging way to enhance your photo memories. Just take a selfie or upload a photo, choose a song, and watch the person lip sync to your preferred tune!
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Deliver messages into the future.

GoodTrust will send your messages to your loved ones or post them on social media on dates you specify. You could even schedule a message for your future self. Your Future Messages can be sent days, weeks, months, years, or decades from now and provide surprise and joy. You can also send a message, like a goodbye email, upon your passing. As soon as one of your Trusted Contacts informs GoodTrust of your passing, your goodbye message sends automatically.

Animate your photos with Live Portraits.

A new feature that allows you to animate the faces in your family photos with amazing new technology that brings them to life. You can save the images with GoodTrust, download them, or share them with others.
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Coming Soon

Honor the life of a loved one with a Memory Timeline.

What is the story of YOU? Or a loved one who has passed away? How should you or they be remembered? This is your opportunity to curate those life moments and milestones that matter and share with a trusted network. Interactive, visual, and customizable to make it unique in every way.

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