Story Portraits

Story Portraits And GoodTrust AI Ethics Pledge

Nov-01 2022

The advancement of technology has given us the opportunity to share and preserve stories and memories in entirely new ways. For example we can add a virtual reality experience to a tour of a historic neighborhood. Or there’s the Library of Congress’s initiative to save all public tweets. Artificial intelligence or AI has even allowed us to interact with people who have already passed away based on recordings of their life. 

Today GoodTrust embarks on a new chapter to allow anyone to infuse photos with a story by typing text or recording audio. We call them Story Portraits and we believe they add an exciting dimension to protect and secure memories and associate them with digital assets. Story Portraits go beyond our Live Portraits and Singing Portraits to provide greater customization. Essentially, your photos can now tell a story.

But with new technologies come new responsibilities. We know this is a nascent technology and is cause for concern when it comes to accuracy, privacy, and ethical use. It’s broadly referred to as synthetic media and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Some people are concerned about “deep fakes” or trying to fool the public or individuals. We want to help lead these discussions and explorations and we want to assure you that we’re mindful of these sensitivities and considerations. We will constantly review our internal filters and restrictions with content and provide transparency.

We founded GoodTrust with an emphasis on “tech for good,” which can feel like a cliche. But any technology can be used in ways that make others uncomfortable or even illegal. Establishing a strong position on its application upfront is critical. Thus, we pledge our intentions to operate our business in an ethical manner and will work with experts in the industry to stay accountable to trends, concerns, and changes. 

This is our commitment to you, our customers. 

We will continue to work to maintain and build on these commitments of trust. After all, it's in our name.

Storytelling is core to what we’re doing here at GoodTrust by allowing people to share and preserve stories for future generations. We want to live up to our name in word and deed and we welcome feedback as we go forward into this brave new world.

Rikard Steiber

CEO/Founder, GoodTrust