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Bank-level security password manager
Unlimited passwords & devices
Secure Password Generator
WI-FI VPN for safe browsing
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"GoodTrust helps people take control of their digital legacies"
“What Happens To Our Digital Life After We Die”
"Don't Be Unaware Of All Your Important Online Accounts"
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Protect your online accounts all in one place.

Dashlane Password Manager generates unique and strong passwords to secure your online accounts. Keep track of all those passwords whether you use them once a day or once a year. Ready when you need them and instantly typed for you.
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Secure your devices from attacks and viruses.

Stay safe from malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, and more with our antivirus software. Any threats are automatically detected and isolated to secure your devices. Receive instant alerts to your computer or mobile phone in the event of a site breach.
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Browse safely with a world's fastest VPN.

Dashlane's VPN allows you to browse privately and securely anywhere and anytime. That means secure public Wi-Fi connections, customizable server locations, and a reliable and fast connection with an anonymous profile online.
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Generate strong passwords.

The average person has over 90 online accounts. A password generator is a tool that automatically generates a password based on guidelines to create strong and unpredictable passwords for each of your accounts.
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About Digital Protection

What's included in the plan?

The best Digital Insurance, Digital Vault and Password Manager from brands trusted by millions of customers worldwide.


Digital Vault
Secure important documents
Protect online accounts
Manage access to devices
Organize, share, and store data
AES-256 encryption
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Password Manager
Unlimited Password Storage
Personalized security alerts
VPN for WiFi protection
Secure Password Generator
Dark Web Monitoring
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Digital Insurance
$1 million ID Theft Coverage
$25K Social Eng. Coverage
$25K Ransomware Coverage
Credit Monitoring Services
24/7 Cyber Support Line
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Get it all for $5/month
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Join the $1 million GoodTrust Digital Protection plan trusted by millions.

  • $1 million Identity Theft Reimbursement coverage by Cyberscout

  • Secure assets in your GoodTrust Digital Vault

  • Secure passwords & safe browsing with Dashlane password manager & VPN

  • Close down accounts of your loved ones with GoodTrust Digital Executor

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Join the $1 million GoodTrust Digital Protection plan trusted by millions.

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