How To Deactivate A Yahoo Account When Someone Dies

Aug-18 2020

Do you need to deactivate your deceased loved one’s Yahoo Account? Here’s everything you need to know! 

Yahoo Deactivation Options: If the Yahoo account owner dies, you have the option of: 

Deleting the account completely and suspending all billing and premium services

Required Information

A letter detailing your request including the following info:

  1. Yahoo ID of the user

  2. A copy of the official documentation provided by the government, such as power of attorney, a letter from the estate, etc.

  3. A copy of the Yahoo user’s death certificate

How to Delete A Yahoo Account (WITHOUT PASSWORD):

  1. Send a letter containing the following required information to Yahoo

*Note that you will need to specify all the actions you’d like Yahoo to take in this letter (i.e. deleting account, stopping billing, deleting email records, etc.)


Concierge Executive Escalations

Verizon Media Inc.

22000 AOL Way

Dulles, VA 20166

How to Delete A Yahoo Account (WITH PASSWORD):

  1. Log in to Yahoo with the your email and password

  2. Visit the company’s “Delete My Account” page

  3. Click the “Delete My Account” button

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