How To Deactivate A Venmo Account When Someone Dies

Aug-18 2020

Do you need to deactivate your deceased loved one’s Venmo Account? Here’s everything you need to know! 

Venmo Deactivation Options: If the Venmo account owner dies, you have the option of:

Deleting the account completely OR 

Extracting funds from the Venmo account, which allows you to withdraw or transfer the money to another account. 

Required Information

  • User’s full name and email address

  • Your full name

  • Relationship to the deceased person.

  • A photo of your ID or Driver’s License

  • A copy of the death certificate

  • A copy of the official documentation provided by the government, such as power of attorney, a letter from the estate, or other notarized form.

How to Delete A Venmo Account (WITHOUT PASSWORD):

  1. Have the following Required Information prepared

  2. Email Venmo at – make sure to detail what you would like to accomplish (i.e deleting, extracting funds, etc.)

How to Delete A Venmo Account (WITH PASSWORD):

  1. Sign in to the Venmo account 

  2. Select “Settings” at the top of the page

  3. Near the bottom of the page, select “Close My Venmo Account”

  4. Before you close your account, you’ll need to review your most recent statement. Once finished, select “Close Account” again

*Note that you’ll need to transfer any funds in the Venmo account to your bank account before deleting your account or return the funds to the sender. Any funds remaining in the Venmo account at the time you close your account will not be available to you without contacting customer support.

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