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8 Ideas To Memorialize Loved Ones | GoodTrust

Jul-14 2021

Memorializing a loved one can be an effective way to process your grief. The GoodTrust team has come up with 8 creative memorial ideas that are different from the standard funeral practice. These suggestions are designed to inspire you to honor your loved one and maybe share with others who might need them. You might even make a note in your will to help inspire others after you pass away (get started with your will here).

1. Make a playlist of your loved ones favorite music

Is there music they always listened to? Music you listened together to? Songs that remind you of them? Assembling a playlist in which these songs can be played after each other can spark the feeling you want to feel. You might also consider preserving a series of Spotify playlists.

2. Memorializing social media profiles

As a starting point, you can memorialize your loved one on Facebook. This allows friends and family to view their photos, videos and other memories but does not allow the account to be logged into, therefore securing the account from identity theft or data extraction. For more information we advise you to view this article.

3. Create a digital scrapbook

There are many services out there that allow you to compile your favorite photographs of your loved one into one album. Go to a quiet area and bring your inner creativity out as you assemble your loved ones' favorite photos, poems, quotes, movies, etc. - and remember to preserve those photo accounts.

4. Frame something personal of theirs

What was their most treasured item of clothing? Did you keep a note they ever wrote for you? An idea is to frame items that hold sentimental value to you or your loved one, so when you walk past the framed items it makes you think of them.

5. Create digital memories

If you want to bring old photographs to life you can also use the new amazing online service by GoodTrust. GoodTrust Memories allows you to animate a face in your family photos. You can save the images with GoodTrust, download them, or share them with others. Now you can even choose whether you want to have a nostalgic or happy expression.

6. Pour them a sentimental drink

If you’re pouring yourself a drink and making a nice dinner for yourself or your friends, pour your loved one a drink too and take a moment to honor them. And maybe raise a toast in their honor.

7. Dedicate a day to them

Once a year either get together with the people who are mourning too or stay by yourself and celebrate your loved ones life. It could be on the day of their birth for example and you chose to go do something active, whatever you think is most suitable. This day you chose is their day in which you honor their life.

8. Donate to a cause they cared about

Is there a disease they died of? A charity they were passionate about? Think about donating or actively volunteering at the cause in honor of your loved ones passions. Maybe invite friends and family members to participate as well.

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