Sharing documents with family

Estate Planning

Without Sharing, Critical Documents Could Be Lost

Oct-07 2021

These days we all have critical documents that are still often in analog form including our driver's license, passport, health insurance cards, car and life insurance, will (create yours today by clicking here), and others.

But what happens if they go missing or need to be accessed by a family member who isn't nearby? By taking just 5-10 minutes you can ensure they won't be lost forever and create a valuable backup through your GoodTrust account and uploading to your Digital Vault.

Take advantage of your Digital Vault

It's as easy as either uploading the document itself or taking a photo and uploading it instead. You can categorize it, add some additional information about it (e.g. the physical location where it's stored as well), and share it with a Trusted Contact (a friend or family member).

Remember: your Trusted Contacts only have access to what you specifically designate within your account. That could be now (as more of a family utility), never, or after you pass away.

Ensure you have at least one Trusted Contact

You can create as many Trusted Contacts as you wish and they will also get an invitation to set up a GoodTrust account. Think of it like creating a "family plan" in a "digital vault" to ensure everyone has the right access. They can also be accessed when someone is traveling or away from home right through the GoodTrust account.

Get started today and secure your family's future - you can easily save it, print it and upload it back to your Digital Vault once it's witnessed (and therefore legally valid).