10 Excuses To Not Preserve A Digital Legacy

Mar-17 2021

There are likely more than the 10 reasons below why people haven't yet addressed their digital legacy. But we believe the time is now and we encourage you to take action today - and share this article with your friends and family. And congratulations! You made it this far.

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For now, do you know someone who falls into one or more of these categories?

1. Death is depressing

Virtually no one wants to think about it, let alone dwell on it. (Some also believe that the mere mention of death will jinx us and accelerate its arrival.) But while our physical body dies, our digital body goes on.

GoodTrust solution: Remember that death is universally human and anything human can be talked about! Start by adding a Trusted Contact (e.g. friend or family member) and talk it over with a loved one or friend. It only gets easier after the initial conversation.

2. Digital clutter is overwhelming

So many sites, so many logins and passwords, so many privacy policies. But there is a way through. Inaction is not a strategy and sometimes it begins with just adding a few notes about what matters most.

GoodTrust solution: We'll walk you through the entire process and ensure it's customized for you or your loved one.

3. It feels narcissistic

We all die, so let’s just leave behind whatever there is and not get too wrapped up in it. Yet, it is our responsibility to plan for what we leave behind, for our own legacies and for our loved ones.

GoodTrust solution: While it might feel self-serving to focus too much on your digital legacy remember the value it offers to anyone left behind. It's not just about the here and now but the hereafter. Maybe even a last goodbye as a Future Message.

4. I’m not a celebrity

Indeed, a public figure with millions of followers or fans faces additional pressure to keep parts of his or her life private, and there may be a need to protect information from hackers looking to capitalize on something scurrilous.

GoodTrust solution: Hackers tend to be equal opportunity criminals. You may have fewer prying eyes, but your information is no less consequential to you. It is worth something to you, which means it’s worth something to them. And our job is to keep it secure. Don't become an afterlife victim.

5. Nothing I do online is worth saving

Are your digital photos, e-mails, and documents any less meaningful than your photo albums, letters, and paperwork of the physical world? And what about your domain or any cryptocurrency? The rise in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum can mean hundreds or thousands, if not millions of dollars in value. Maybe save those keys?

GoodTrust solution: Start with an inventory of every account you own in the digital world and calculate not just their monetary value but their sentimental value to others. We can help with the next steps.

6. Tech companies don’t want to help

Although tech companies don’t yet make it as easy or robust as they should, there is a growing sense of needing to better address this global challenge. And virtually every online site or service or app today has some policy in place (even if it's not easy to find).

GoodTrust solution: Consider a longer-term plan, which can assist with any level of account access. With the Premium Plan we will also do all the work behind the scenes to take care of the tedious and complex nature.

7. Once I’m gone, it won’t matter if people dig up my online past

It could matter far more than you think. Think about all those “private” Facebook messages you wrote in the heat of the moment. Your entire online life can be made available to anyone if you don’t take action with clear directives. Devoid of context or understanding, there could be lingering concerns or confusion.

GoodTrust solution: We want to provide you with complete choice when it comes to what happens to your digital legacy. You might prefer to preserve some account, extract certain data or information or content like photos or delete profiles entirely. It's up to you. Maybe even consider a will or a funeral directive as well.

8. There are so many legal hurdles and potential costs that it doesn’t seem worth it

Although sites, services, and apps don’t seem to make it easy for an individual to embark on this journey, it’s further complicated by indecision on who can help with legal issues. The costs of managing a digital legacy are not insignificant depending on what you need to obtain (e.g., a court order and power of attorney), and the options are often vague or intractably filled with legalese, but there’s a way through the complication.

GoodTrust solution: For the price of two small lattes at your favorite coffee shop every month you'll end up likely saving a lot of money by letting us help you do it (or opting for the VIP plan). Legal advice alone isn't cheap let alone empowering them to do it for you.

9. No one will care whether I do it or not

The reality is that we know countless families who wish they had better and easier access to the digital memories and assets of their loved ones after they pass away.

GoodTrust solution: Even simple steps like saving a smartphone or computer code can at least leave the decision to those left behind.

10. I have time to think about this

Perhaps the biggest excuse or myth. Death can be sudden and unexpected, as many learned during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. And tragedy is exacerbated when there are no instructions for others to follow after a person is gone.

GoodTrust solution: Take action today by logging into your GoodTrust Dashboard. The peace of mind you'll feel is just the beginning.

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