Will & directives

Create your will in 15 minutes (or less!)

Create your free will and make it clear who should look after your children and what should happen to your assets, and more. Top legal experts have created this easy and secure online will maker tool and with attorney crafted will documents customized to your situation. Get started now or read FAQ before it!
Free WillA wonderful act of selflessness to ensure your loved ones are safe.
Takes 15 min
Upload signed willAfter you created a will it is important upload it to your account.
Funeral DirectiveCremation or burial? Which music? Go out in style but make it clear.
Takes 8 min
Medical DirectiveMake clear your preferences with major healthcare decisions.
Takes 5 min
Durable POAGrant someone legal authority even when you're incapacitated.
Takes 5 min



How to create a will using GoodTrust

01. Fill out your will online

We will guide you how to easily fill out your will online. It takes less than 15 minutes to get your last will and testament done.


The information you provide is combined with the precise language of our attorney-crafted legal forms. After printing it, you will need two witnesses to sign as well.

03. Upload it, store it and share it

Last step is to upload it to Docs & Notes in your GoodTrust account and share it with a Trusted Contact.