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Don't Let Digital Legacy Be Lost Across Generations

Mar-26 2021

For most of us, the past 12 months has meant staying in touch with family through technology - including during the recent Christmas holidays. We may have been separated by distance yet still connected through our screens. It's likely involved everything from social media to sharing photos to video chats to stay in touch across time zones, geographies and generations.

It's also another reminder of why protecting your digital legacy has never been more important (no excuses!) and how each generation can help the other. And not just in the future - but today.

There is an unfortunate stereotype that people over a certain age aren't as adept at technology but the reality is that they may be less familiar with some of the newer ways to communicate. That said, they are undoubtedly the guardians of countless family stories.

Perhaps with the Easter holidays approaching - and the potential for people to travel increases (at least domestically) as the vaccine rollout continues - there's an opportunity for all generations to have these important discussions about what to do with all those priceless memories. Don't let another day pass by without seizing this chance to connect and protect everyone's digital legacy.

Three ways to get started:

  1. Create a GoodTrust profile for one family member and then add a Trusted Contact (a loved one or friend who will have access to certain accounts and information now or after you pass away - you decide). That Trusted Contact could be someone in the immediate family and then they might add someone else as well. In a sense it's like creating a shared link between family members to ensure nothing is lost to future generations.

  2. Do an inventory or audit of all your digital accounts and media to ensure nothing is forgotten or lost or unavailable to someone in the event they pass away (and add them to your GoodTrust profile). These are not easy conversations but perhaps it can also involve a fun trip down memory lane. Plus it could be part of any spring cleaning.

  3. Ensure that loved ones have access to critical devices like computers, phones, alarm codes, router passwords and smart home codes - this is something you can share now or later depending on your preferences and it's a great way to ensure the right people can use it when needed.

We hope these tips provide a way for families to unite even further during these difficult months and generate a peace of mind across generations.