Unlock your devices.

Ensure that someone you trust (e.g. a Deputy) is able to gain access to the right devices at the right time. You decide how and when to share your phone codes and computer passwords. Keep in mind that without the physical device no one can do anything with this information. But just in case and we will keep it safe in the meantime.


Takes 1 min.

Add a computer password

This could include both your login and password and may apply to multiple computers.

Takes 1 min.

Add a phone code

Without a phone code your loved ones won't be able to take the initial first steps on your behalf.

Takes 1 min.

Add router password

Accessing a router can sometimes be important when you need to adjust special settings.

Takes 1 min.

Add smart home keycode

Your home can be really smart but also leave others feeling quite annoyed if they don't have access.

Takes 1 min.

Add alarm code

Prevents your Deputies from being locked out or alarming the authorities.