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CNN's HLN: Empowering Women With Free GoodTrust Premium

Mar-07 2021

GoodTrust: A Will For All Your Digital Accounts, Documents, and Memories

In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History month GoodTrust is providing one year of free Premium Plan for women anywhere in the world to empower their critical efforts to help manage estate planning and digital legacy. When signing up for GoodTrust, select the Premium Plan and then simply use the code IWD2021 at checkout. You can also use the Free Plan first and upgrade later in month of March.

The announcement was made on CNN's HLN Weekend Express with Susan Hendricks during a story that included GoodTrust and the book Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife authored by CEO and Founder, Rikard Steiber, and Co-Founder, Daniel Sieberg. Hendricks interviewed Sieberg who underscored the importance of this issue as it relates to our human stories.

A plan to get started

To begin, do you know what will happen to all your digital “stuff” when you die (including priceless photos, videos, emails, texts, accounts, social media, etc.)? No? You are not alone! According to the GoodTrust Women's History Month survey, some 65% of women have no idea what will happen to their digital accounts when they die. We want to ensure the tools are available to make it all possible whether it's about preserving content or deleting it or creating a will or sharing information about an important account.

Perhaps no one understands the importance of technology connecting people more than women, who according to the survey, are the primary caregivers and cornerstone of most families. Technology has extended a once-unimaginable lifeline across any distance around the globe and opened up entirely new ways for families to stay in touch and share precious memories. Thus GoodTrust would like to extend this special offer to all women to help preserve their digital legacy in a new, easy way at no cost.

GoodTrust makes it possible for anyone to take control of their digital legacy by planning ahead but also help take care of someone who has passed away. GoodTrust users can add a Trusted Contact (a trusted person in their life) to ensure their wishes are carried out and offers other options like creating Last Goodbye messages through e-mail, social media or video, storage for personal notes and documents and the opportunity to create a funeral directive (coming soon: legal wills and medical directives).

The offer is designed to provide all the tools necessary to get started and provide a lasting peace of mind.

How does GoodTrust work?

Once you sign up on, you’ll go through the following simple steps:

  1. Add your important digital media accounts and documents – your social media, email, online documents, photos, financial accounts, life insurance, last will, etc. For each account or document, you add instructions for what you want to happen if you pass away. We'll help take it from there.

  2. Assign “Trusted Contacts,” those friends, family or people you trust to manage your accounts and take action on your behalf. These folks are granted selective access to your accounts and document along with the instructions you left for them. You decide what to share and when.

  3. You can also record future messages in the form of sharing an email or video that only get sent out after you passed away. Although bittersweet, these Last Goodbyes are a heartfelt opportunity to share memories or last words with your kids, family and friends.

A reminder: we are serious about security. GoodTrust keeps your data secure via state-of-the-art encryption and uses two-factor authentication security.

Take action today and protect your digital legacy with all your important assets and priceless memories. Also, please share this news with your women friends, so that they also can get a free Premium GoodTrust account this Women's History Month by signing up on GoodTrust.

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