New Year's Resolutions


Top 10 New Year's Goal Ideas

Jan-04 2022

It's that time of year again - a milestone opportunity to take stock of your life, set meaningful intentions, and proceed with courage and determination. But research shows that 80 percent of New Year's Resolutions fail before Groundhog Day. So how to best ensure your resolutions remain intact?

Experts suggest the first step is to rethink your resolutions as goals or habits rather than something too lofty that feels unachievable. You can certainly create lists and maybe prioritize certain ones. Maybe even set more achievable ones to tackle at the beginning of the year to ensure you feel that sense of progress.

Another way to reinforce your progress is to start a journal and keep track of each day or microstep leading to your ultimate New Year goals or resolutions.

At GoodTrust, we also want to provide the actionable tools needed to allow you to complete certain tasks. For example, take care of your entire estate planning needs and get your affairs in order with your digital life and legacy.

It's a subject that CBS This Morning Saturday shared with its viewers on New Year's Day.

For now, here is a Top 10 list to tackle those New Year's goal ideas with some fun ones included:

  1. Donate your time to volunteering or helping others - this can generate a virtuous cycle of feeling good about yourself while empowering others to do the same.

  2. Give more compliments - they're free and they're powerful; don't lose the chance to make someone's day and provide some positive feedback.

  3. Send more cards - birthday or anniversary cards are great, but why not also consider a Future Message and select a "just because" moment to surprise someone? Don't forget to include a Singing Portrait for maximum joy - or maybe even send yourself a Future Message to read on New Year's Day 2023

  4. Create a will - this is something still lacking in the lives of more than 130 million Americans and there's no time like the flip of the new year to do it - plus we make creating a will free, secure, and easy to take care of in less than 15 minutes

  5. Make a bucket list - we've all needed to adjust our life goals due to the pandemic but perhaps we'll reach a turning point in 2022 and we can again explore all life has to offer - check out this article for a list of 101 suggestions

  6. Preplan your funeral - not a particularly joyous thought but well worth tackling ASAP to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones - it can all be done with our step-by-step wizard to ensure you go out in style the way you wish and check out this article for additional tips

  7. Safeguard your documents and sites - our priceless accounts, sites, social media, photos, and so much more is all stored in the cloud these days; don't lose the opportunity to ensure it is managed according to your specifications and allow for ease of sharing today

  8. Get a full night's sleep - hard to overstate the importance of getting proper rest, and one suggestion might be to charge your smartphone outside the bedroom to minimize your distractions and allow for a complete disconnect from your online stresses

  9. Choose the stairs and drink more water - consider it a double shot of energy to take the stairs more and maybe reward yourself with a cool glass of water afterwards (bonus goal - start incorporating a reusable water bottle instead of any plastic ones)

  10. Create your financial power of attorney - this can be critical in anyone's life; if you're incapacitated for any reason then this directive will ensure your wishes are met and we make it straightforward to complete in no time

Explore additional action items that will help get your affairs in order in the New Year, check out our End-of-Life Planning Guide. No matter how old you are or your circumstances, everyone should have a plan in place, and GoodTrust is here to help.

Remember, we also have our 2-for-1 holiday offer for a limited time to help you get started. You'll receive a code to share with anyone else to give them a boost as well.

Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2022!

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