Story Portraits


NEW: Your Photos Can Now Truly Speak 1,000 Words

Dec-07 2022

At GoodTrust, we help anyone protect what matters. We do that with our products like will-based estate planning, online security tools like a password manager and VPN, and offering innovative ways to preserve digital memories. We also provide the tools and guidance to take care of you and your family and centralized storage for everything through a free Digital Vault. Today, it’s time to share something new called Story Portraits that allows photos to finally speak (roughly) 1,000 words - of your choosing.

Capture Memories, Magic, And Moments That Matter With GoodTrust Story Portraits

In Time For The Holidays, New AI Feature Allows Anyone To Animate Photos And Bring Them To Life

Ongoing Partnership With D-ID Creates New Ways To Preserve And Share Stories

The new AI feature from GoodTrust in partnership with D-ID - Story Portraits - allows photos to speak an audio story or memory and easily share the experience with others. It also allows anyone to provide surprise and delight and celebrate “moments that matter” through speech and animation of photos. The next time you receive an “On This Day” notification on your phone, upload the photo to Story Portraits, record the details of your memory, and ensure the details are never forgotten.

You read right. Story Portraits allows anyone to create digital photos that speak to you with a voice you choose and words you control by typing in your desired text. The combinations of using your own custom photos or creating something irreverent and clever from our digital library is nearly limitless. Preserve your memories in new ways and share with friends and family. Or maybe design the ultimate holiday greeting card?

The advancement of technology has given us the opportunity to share and preserve stories and memories in entirely new ways,” said Rikard Steiber, CEO and founder of GoodTrust. “Today we can add a virtual reality experience to a tour of a historic neighborhood. The Library of Congress saves all public tweets. And artificial intelligence has even allowed us to interact with people who have already passed away. We believe this is an exciting step forward to empower people to preserve memories and stories.”

We believe people will experiment with the sentimental and entertainment value as well as focus on the emotional connection such as sharing “old memories” though a slide show during the holidays. We’re committed to developing products that are both diverse and inclusive, which is why we’re proud to say that Story Portraits launches in 55 different languages and comes as part of the Story+ subscription package offered for a limited time at $4.99/week.

“We’ve seen many examples of how our creative AI technology is being applied and we’re thrilled to see how GoodTrust is pursuing this universal need to preserve our memories and stories,” said Gil Perry, CEO and co-founder of D-ID. “We’ll continue to explore these new ways to accurately and respectfully capture the human experience.”

With new technologies, in this case with synthetic media, come new responsibilities. As a proponent of this nascent technology, GoodTrust is committed to accuracy, privacy, and ethical use. We believe there is an opportunity to both allow freedom of creation and experimentation but also to ensure we achieve the high standards we set for ourselves with ethical AI. You can read more about our AI ethics pledge here.

Storytelling is core to the future of GoodTrust by allowing people to protect what matters through sharing and preserving memories for future generations. You can create your own Story Portrait after creating a free GoodTrust account. 

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