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How To Close Your eToro Account With Or Without a Password

Mar-15 2022

Closing your eToro account  

Closing your eToro account can be a major decision. But if you're ready to move forward then simply follow the guidelines below. It could be to shut down the account entirely, or you might want to memorialize it or extract content first.

If you're doing it for your own account then of course log in ahead of time. But if you're doing it for someone else - maybe they've passed away or become incapacitated - then you might need to tackle it without a login or password.

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How to Close an eToro Account (WITHOUT PASSWORD):

  1. At this time, in order to close, or delete and eToro account without a password, you must do so by completing a request to customer service using this form.

How to Close an eToro Account (WITH PASSWORD):

  1. Log into your account.

  2. If necessary, withdraw funds by clicking the "Withdraw Funds" button.

  3. Enter desired withdraw amount, then confirm.

  4. Now go to "Account Settings"

  5. Click "Self service account closure" link and follow the prompts.

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