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How to Close Down a TD Bank Account of a Deceased Loved One

Mar-18 2022

Close down or a TD Bank Account  

Closing down a bank account of a deceased loved one can be difficult. But if you're ready to move forward then simply follow the guidelines below. Make sure to take your time to not get overwhelmed in the process.

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How to Close a TD Bank Account of a Deceased Loved One:

TD Bank generally requires the following documents, but the requirement might change based on the laws in your state:

  1. A photo ID

  2. The death certificate

  3. Short Certificate

  4. Various estate and state documents

To make sure you have all the documents you need, call customer service at 888-751-9000 at further inquire about what you need to bring to the bank.

Next, find your local TD Bank and hand your documents to a representative.

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