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How to Close Down a Bank of America Account of a Deceased Loved One

Mar-15 2022

Close down or a Bank of America Account  

Closing down a bank account of a deceased loved one can be difficult. But if you're ready to move forward then simply follow the guidelines below. Make sure to take your time to not get overwhelmed in the process.

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How to Close a Bank of America Account of a Deceased Loved One:

Wether you have the password to the account or not, to legally close the account you need to have the following documents ready:

1. Personal Information: The deceased's full legal name and Social Security number

2. Death Certificate (Usually provided by the funeral home or local government agencies)

Other documents that may be requested are:

3. Small Estate Affidavit: Provided by your legal advisor, small estate affidavits are used to obtain a deceased's assets without formal administration

4. Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration: Are issued by the court if formal probate is required.

After collecting these documents, you should:

  • Contact a Bank of America and notify them of the death. They will then assign you a specialist and case number. To notify them you can either:

    • send a copy of the death certificate and other administrative documents to [email protected] and include a contact phone number and the best time of the day to reach you.

    • or schedule an appointment and bring the death certificate, a valid ID of yours and any additional documents like a trust or will with you.

  • Upon approval, all funds will be transferred to your preferred account.

For further information can contact estate servicing at 888-689-4466.

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