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How To Cancel Or Request Access To An Apple Account

Mar-15 2022

Deleting or requesting access for an Apple account can be a major decision. But if you're ready to move forward then simply follow the guidelines below. It could be to shut down the account entirely, or you might want to memorialize it or extract content first.

If you're doing it for your own account then of course log in ahead of time. But if you're doing it for someone else - maybe they've passed away or become incapacitated - then you might need to tackle it without a login or password.

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How to Request Access to an Apple Account (WITHOUT PASSWORD):

  1. Apple provides options for people to access their loved ones accounts in the event of a passing. It is important to note that Apple requires and verifies legal documentation prior to assisting which often includes the following

    1. Death certificate

    2. Court order or other documentation

  2. If you have a Legacy Contact Access key which is the easiest way to give someone access to their iCloud data. If you have been designated as the legacy contact, you may make a request to retrieve data or information directly from their device or by following the instructions on the DigitalLegacy - Request Access page, here.

  3. If you do not have a Legacy Contact Access key you may still request access with a court order or other comparable legal document with the steps below:

    1. You will need to acquire a court order that names you as the proper inheritor of your loved one's personal information which specifies the following

      1. The name and Apple ID of the deceased person.

      2. The name of the next of kin who is requesting access to the decedent’s account.

      3. That the decedent was the user of all accounts associated with the Apple ID.

      4. That the requestor is the decedent’s legal personal representative, agent, or heir, whose authorization constitutes "lawful consent.”

      5. That Apple is ordered by the court to assist in the provision of access to the decedent’s information from the deceased person's accounts. The court order should be addressed to the relevant Apple entity, find the proper entity here.

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