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Special GoodTrust offer for U.S. Veterans

Welcome to GoodTrust for U.S. Veterans. Veterans will at no cost receive the GoodTrust Premium Plan for 12 months (value $96) when you create an account. In addition, all Veteran families will receive a 50% discount on the GoodTrust service fee when helping to manage the digital accounts of a loved one who has passed away - just enter GoodTrustVeteranLove at checkout. We also encourage Veterans to set up a free consultation as part of the Premium Plan and we'll be happy to extend any offer.
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Protect the memory of your loved ones too.

Take charge of social media sites quickly to protect the memory of your loved ones. Secure important photos and other priceless content and stop paying subscriptions quickly.
Protect your loved onesSelect which sites and social media accounts are most valuable.
Memorialize FacebookMemorialize Facebook pages to protect the legacy of loved ones.
Extract Google PhotosMake sure that all your invaluable photos and videos are not lost.
Stop Netflix subscriptionAnnoyed by recurring payments of Netflix? Take action right now.

We offer you a 12-month FREE Premium subscription to the GoodTrust service. Start your registration by clicking the registration button below.

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  • 12 Month FREE Premium SubscriptionAs a US Veteran you can enjoy a 12 month Free Premium Subscription with GoodTrust. This enables you to secure your Digital Legacy by adding important Sites, Documents, Will and Directives and assign your most trusted contact who would be able to follow your directives in closing down or memorializing your online accounts as well as accessing your directives after your passing.

Securing your Digital Legacy has never been easier

Does your significant other or trusted friend know how to close down or manage your digital account in the event that something were to happen to you? If not you should secure your Digital Legacy right away by adding your most important sites, document and services to GoodTrust and add a "Trusted Contact" that you trust to close these services on your behalf post your passing. Start your free 12-month subscription by clicking "Start Now."