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How can GoodTrust help you today?

Secure your digital legacy and assets

Make sure your important online accounts like email, photos, documents and financial accounts are found.

Memorialize or Delete Social Media Pages

Start a social media will and make a plan for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many others.

Close down paying subscription accounts

Stop charges from subscriptions and shopping accounts like Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and many others.

Protect the memory of your loved ones too.

Take charge of social media sites quickly to protect the memory of your loved ones. Secure important photos and other priceless content and stop paying subscriptions quickly.

Protect your loved onesProtect your loved onesSelect which sites and social media accounts are most valuable.
Memorialize FacebookMemorialize Facebook pages to protect the legacy of loved ones.
Extract photos from GoogleExtract Google PhotosMake sure that all your invaluable photos and videos are not lost.
Stop Netflix subscriptionAnnoyed by recurring payments of Netflix? Take action right now.


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