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Secure Your Digital Legacy With Executor

GoodTrust offers all members a three months FREE trial on GoodTrust Premium Plan when signing up for GoodTrust. In addition, GoodTrust is offering Facebook memorialization for free or $50 discount on all accounts that need to be managed for someone who has passed away using promotion code "EXECUTOR" at checkout. Plus, create your FREE will in less than 15 minutes. What are you waiting for? Don't delay!
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Protect the memory of your loved ones too.

Take charge of social media sites quickly to protect the memory of your loved ones. Secure important photos and other priceless content and stop paying subscriptions quickly.
Protect your loved onesSelect which sites and social media accounts are most valuable.
Memorialize FacebookMemorialize Facebook pages to protect the legacy of loved ones.
Extract Google PhotosMake sure that all your invaluable photos and videos are not lost.
Stop Netflix subscriptionAnnoyed by recurring payments of Netflix? Take action right now.

A Comprehensive Option

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  • The Digital Wills and Wishes PlatformGoodTrust helps all executors to clients manage social media and online accounts of deceased loved ones. The choices are yours and GoodTrust can help with every step of the way including contacting the sites or services on your behalf. In addition, GoodTrust offers a way to plan ahead and ensure their digital assets, accounts and memories adheres to your wishes.

Take Control Of Your Online Afterlife

A digital legacy means preserving all of those priceless memories and stories along with any valuable assets. We also make it possible to record a last goodbye to family members and share them on a date of your choosing. With the GoodTrust Premium Plan you can gain a peace of mind that everything in the online world will be in good hands. It's everything you need to take care of yourself and someone you love.