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Apple Launches New Digital-Legacy Service

Jun-08 2021

Apple today announced a new service to tackle digital legacy at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 - big news for all the millions of users of its products who worry their memories and assets could be lost forever when they die.

At GoodTrust, we're excited to see another major company tackle this increasingly important issue and ensure everyone's digital legacy is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

From this CNET story about how it works:

Apple is adding a digital legacy service for user accounts, allowing you to assign an administrator who can access your data in the event you die.

The administrator will sign in through a "legacy contact Apple ID" and will need an access key to see password-protected data on Apple devices. The administrator can also view data stored in iCloud, Apple's cloud service. The data can be be downloaded.

Importantly, administrators won't have access to stored payment information like credit cards or logins within your Keychain.

It was just earlier this year when a court case in Milan highlighted the importance of digital legacy when the parents of a deceased boy tried to access his iCloud account. The Italian civil court ruled in favor of the family.

Learn more about how to create your own digital legacy by creating a GoodTrust account or logging into your dashboard to get started.

Because you never know.

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