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Veterans Day: Special Offer And Free Will To Protect Your Families

Nov-08 2021

Creating a will is likely not anyone’s idea of a good time. We get it. The excuses are many: it takes too long, it’s too expensive or complicated, or I don’t have enough in my life that would matter to anyone. But with GoodTrust, we’re here to dispel all those notions and provide a practical solution for everyone - including and importantly for the 19 million U.S. Veterans.

Veterans Day, celebrated each Nov. 11, is a holiday aimed at honoring all Veterans that have served in any branches of the American military service. On this day, we celebrate them, offer gratitude, and elevate those individuals who risk their lives to ensure our safety and freedom. Read on to learn about our special offer for Veterans Day.

For a limited time, Veterans will at no cost receive the GoodTrust Premium Plan for 12 months (value $96) when you create an account. Click here to redeem and get started. In addition, all Veteran families will receive a 50% discount on the GoodTrust service fee when helping to manage the digital accounts of a loved one who has passed away - just enter GoodTrustVeteranLove at checkout. We also encourage Veterans to set up a free consultation as part of the Premium Plan and we'll be happy to extend any offer.

Once you've created your account, our FREE will-creation tool is an important part of any estate plan. We make it as secure and easy as possible. To create your will in under 15 minutes, please click here. Our easy-to-use tool will take you through the following sections and provide assistance, should you need it, every step of the way.

Our step-by-step wizard makes it simple, secure, and comprehensive. It can then be stored and shared within your GoodTrust account. We’ve consulted with top experts to ensure it adheres to the requirements of a will, and when you’ve finished it only requires two signatures from witnesses to make it legally valid.

Data shows that more than two-thirds of Americans don’t have a will (roughly 130 million people) - leaving their families and loved ones in the dark in the event they pass away. At GoodTrust, this Veterans Day we encourage any Veteran to take just 15 minutes to complete their will online - for FREE. 

Both Physical And Digital Memories

And it’s not just what happens to any physical assets like a home or car or computer. What about the guardianship of your minor children? Or your pets? Is it clear to family members what should happen to your priceless heirlooms and artifacts? Half the battle is sometimes letting people know what exists so there’s nothing lost if left unclaimed.

The reality is that determining who should receive any of your prized possessions now will eliminate any potential family friction down the road. Why have anyone argue about who gets what or left in a state of confusion? Providing this clarity today will help those family members later and your own peace of mind now.

We also make it possible to add a Digital Executor who can assist with any “digital remains” like photos, videos, emails, financial accounts, online documents, and more. Those memories and stories can be just as valuable to pass on as anything else in life. Our Memories and Future Messages products are also valuable ways to create special records of stories and experiences to share with loved ones and keep for generations to come.

If your spouse has ever nudged you to get started with that will, or you feel like you’ve procrastinated far too long, or you simply know it’s time to do it - then get started today.

We also invite all Veterans to take advantage of the special offer above to create Future Messages to send to their loved ones. Future Messages are a great way to record your stories and share them with those you cherish most. Our product allows you to write up text, include pictures and videos, and more. To create your first Future Message, click here.

To learn more and discover exactly what goes into planning your estate, all the steps, documents, and details, visit our End-of-Life Planning: Ultimate Guide dedicated to helping you and providing valuable information throughout this process.

Thank you for all you do for our country, Veterans.