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The Gift Of Planning Ahead On Mother's Day

May-02 2022

Happy Mother's Day!

May 8 is Mother's Day, so mark your calendars and do not forget to call your mom! Every year we celebrate Mother's Day, and we tell our moms how much we appreciate them. Whether you send flowers, write a card, or give her chocolate as a present, you should of course always let your mom know how much you love her.

As a reminder, here is a list of things your mom did for you:

  • Made sure you had food in front of you, every day.

  • Listens to your problems, your stories, and always has an open ear for you.

  • Tolerated you through puberty and other tough times.

  • Taught you everything she knows, and tried to give you the best opportunities.

  • She is selfless and always puts you first, even when she has her own things going on.

  • She cares. She cares about you like no one else does. She would do anything to see you be successful, and she would give her life for you.

If you want to do something special for Mother's Day, then you can write her a card with all the things you are thankful for and let her know how much you think of her. Tell her you are thankful, that she did a great job, even though it was tough for her sometimes. Make sure to know what her favorite flowers are before you get them, and if you want to do something special, here are 15 favorite gratitude ideas for Mother's Day:

  1. Cook her a nice dinner and get the table ready. You can go all out, get cute decorations and ensure that drinks are served.

  2. Go on a long walk with her and spend some one-on-one time together. Use that time to show her your appreciation and gratitude. 

  3. If she has a favorite hobby, then maybe go out and do it with her for a day (even if you do not fully enjoy it!).

  4. Throw her a little surprise party and invite all her closest friends; have a fun get-together as a group.

  5. Clean her house for the day and take on all the chores that she usually does.

  6. Treat her to a relaxing day, get her a massage or a spa day.

  7. Bring the whole family together and make sure everyone shows her appreciation.

  8. Make her a recipe book with all her and your favorite meals. You can include pictures or memories that you have from times that she cooked for you. You can also add little notes on special occasions you remember from your childhood.

  9. Give her a memory jar with different pictures, notes, and memories that she can open throughout the year.

  10. Have a photoshoot with your mom to create further memories for the future.

  11. Go to the farmers market together and get her her favorite items.

  12. Get a picture of your family framed and leave her a little note.

  13. Write up your stories from the past where you really appreciated your mom, and put them in a little booklet.

  14. Bake her favorite cake and get her favorite coffee or tea.

  15. Tell her that she is the best mom ever.

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