FORBES: Take control of your afterlife

Sep-30 2020

GoodTrust - your trusted digital legacy advisor. Learn more about GoodTrust here. This article is provided by Forbes.

"When people die today, they don’t leave behind shoeboxes of pictures. It’s a new problem of our new digital lives, waiting for a new solution. Just as we leave instructions for worship and burial, we must now account for the vast online inventory that can be built in a lifetime."

Charles Fink, Forbes Contributor and former tech executive provides a wonderful introduction to GoodTrust and it's relevance in today's digital age. The death planning industry is changing. Gone are the days where our legacy was solely measured by our physical possessions. Today, as we spend more of time in the digital world, we're rapidly accumulating financially and emotionally valuable information that needs to be protected and preserved upon our passing.

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