GoodTrust National Pet Day


Protect Your Faithful Friends On National Pet Day

Apr-11 2022

Are you ready for National Pet Day? It's a day of the year when we celebrate all of our furry, feathered, and scaly friends. In fact, National Pet Day has been celebrated annually since 2006, with the purpose to appreciate the joys that the pets in our lives bring us. This year, GoodTrust and Trupanion encourage all pet parents to take care of their faithful friends with both high-quality medical insurance and by creating a clear pet directive.

Create your Pet Directive now or read on to learn more

GoodTrust and Trupanion partner to help protect pets everywhere

The new pet directive from GoodTrust allows pet parents to better organize their pet's records and establish how they wish their faithful friend to be taken care of if they pass away unexpectedly. In addition, a pet directive informs your chosen pet guardian of any known medical issues, current treatment plans, health history, and which veterinarian they see.

Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for pets, helps loving, responsible pet owners budget and care for their pets. The company sees important reasons for anyone to create a pet directive and ensure they have the right insurance.

"We're excited to partner with GoodTrust and recognize the importance of having a pet directive that addresses the continuous well-being of a beloved pet, in any situation," said Randy Valpy, Vice President, Growth Partnerships of Trupanion. "Pet parents choosing to include a pet directive in their overall planning is a win for the pet, the pet owner, and veterinary professionals."

Origins of National Pet Day

Colleen Paige, Pet & Family Lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate, founded the day to raise awareness about all the animals in shelters waiting for a forever home. The number of animals in shelters has decreased somewhat during the past several years, however, there are still so many of them with no outlook to be adopted.

Most of the shelters are non-profits operating on a tight budget, and National Pet Day shows us that every adoption and donation helps. But it also reminds us that pets are some of the best and most loyal companions we will have during our lifetime. No matter what animal you own, from dogs to birds to reptiles, this day is a great opportunity to show some extra love and appreciation for your pets. So how can you participate during the day as a pet owner or just as an animal lover?

Here are some ideas below:

Give your pet some extra attention

Give your pet some extra cuddles, kisses, or even treats. Take your dog on longer walks, or let your pet roam around for the day. You can also take a picture and create an appreciation post on Instagram. Check out this video of the GoodTrust team and their faithful friends!

Walk a dog at a local shelter

Shelters are always in need of dog walkers. Contact your local shelter or search for dog walking opportunities online. Most shelters have their regular dog walkers, but do not be hesitant to reach out and walk for a day.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Local shelters accept any kind of volunteer help, from working on-site to donating to pet food pantry events. OC Animal Care, Humane Society, and even Yelp reviews volunteer opportunities for you to get involved.

Make a donation for a local animal shelter

Donations to local shelters do not only have to be monetary. You can donate anything from toys, food, treats, toys, blankets, cleaning supplies, crates to office supplies, and much more. You can also show your support by donate money to the Humane Society, or find your own favorite animal charities here.

Make your pet a special gift

Give your pet an extra toy, get them some extra treats, or surprise them with a fun trip! Get your dog a delicious bone, your cat a new toy, your bird a bigger crate, your hamster some fresh salad and your fish some new companions.

Take care of your pet's legacy

And last but not least, ensure your pets are taken care of in the future. That might start by creating a new GoodTrust Pet Directive. With a pet directive you can assign a guardian and leave special instructions for your pet and make sure it will not end up in a random animal shelter if something happens to you.

Whatever you end up doing, remember that National Pet Day is about our own companions, but also about animals that are in need of homes. You can show your compassion in many ways and there is never a wrong way of showing love!

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