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GoodTrust Memories Launches On CBS This Morning

Apr-10 2021

GoodTrust Memories is now live! As seen on CBS This Morning: Saturday, users can now bring to life "moments that matter" and share them with friends and family or connect them to a GoodTrust profile. The lifelike animations are just the beginning of innovative and meaningful ways that GoodTrust allows anyone to both create and preserve their digital legacy. 

(GoodTrust CEO and Founder, Rikard Steiber, talks about his own experiences with digital legacy and what led to the creation of GoodTrust)

The process is straightforward and simply involves choosing your favorite images to upload and watch them animate. The use of AI and facial recognition means you can create entirely new memories from your collection and save them to your GoodTrust profile or share with a Trusted Contact or loved ones

The CBS This Morning: Saturday story also highlighted the book by GoodTrust co-founder, Daniel Sieberg, and GoodTrust CEO and founder, Rikard Steiber, as a great way to get started with the entire issue of digital legacy (Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife).

(CBS News anchor and correspondent Michelle Miller reports on GoodTrust and Digital Legacy)

“We believe AI technology will create new ways to preserve memories that matter,” said Rikard Steiber, CEO and founder of GoodTrust. “No longer the stuff of fiction, GoodTrust Memories uses AI technology and facial recognition to ‘automagically’ make your photo memories come alive as seen in the Harry Potter movies.”

GoodTrust offers unique ways to take advantage of these animated images including:

  • Share them with friends and family or post on social media

  • Share them as a GoodTrust Last Goodbye message

  • Coming soon: a range of animation emotions to choose from and the ability to add text or audio memories

Animated April Birthdays

To celebrate the launch, GoodTrust will also highlight the birthdays of notable famous people during the month of April across social media (including Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Jefferson, Ella Fitzgerald, Marlon Brando, Jerry Seinfeld and Melania Trump). Users might also want to upload an image of the Mona Lisa to honor the birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci on April 15. Or you might want to upload photos of the kids from Easter and share with the grandparents. 

(Charlie Chaplin before and after GoodTrust Memories)

The CBS This Morning: Saturday anchors even featured their own images during the story.

The technology works well for both historic and current photos and can make a unique and meaningful memory to share with loved ones. GoodTrust is licensing this technology from D-ID.

Just The Beginning

These animations represent GoodTrust’s initial foray into emotive storytelling and new ways to capture family memories. GoodTrust also offers services to plan ahead with your digital legacy or take care of someone else by securing their photos, videos, emails and texts, financial accounts, social media profiles and more. GoodTrust will also soon be offering the ability to create wills, medical directives and funeral directives.

GoodTrust users can animate 3 photos just by creating a free GoodTrust account. With the GoodTrust Premium Plan users can create an entire profile to protect their digital legacy and animate 10 photos per month with the option to purchase more.

Users should have consent from the people shown in the photos or their relatives.

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