GoodTrust Singing Portraits


NEW: GoodTrust AI Tool Makes Photos Come Alive And Sing

Dec-17 2021

In time for the holidays, we've launched a fun and innovative feature that allows anyone to create a lasting and shareable memory with any photo - coupled with the power of music. Singing Portraits makes for an engaging way to surprise and delight anyone.

The AI and facial-recognition technology are provided in partnership with D-ID and generate high-quality results that are easy to share.

It could be a "just because" moment or maybe a birthday song. It could be sent on a specific date with a GoodTrust Future Message (like a digital time capsule) or upload a selfie and see the results when singing opera or country music. The decisions and sharing options are nearly limitless.

“We believe Singing Portraits can add joy to anyone’s digital memories especially at this time of year,” said GoodTrust CEO and Founder, Rikard Steiber. “We intentionally added a holiday song to create the ultimate greeting card but also a range of songs for any occasion to bring digital memories to life in whole new ways.”

Singing Portraits is designed to encourage people to also consider their lasting digital memories and assets. GoodTrust offers an entire suite of tools for anyone to plan ahead with what happens to their accounts and content (Digital Vault) along with estate-planning products like creating a free will in less than 15 minutes, a durable power of attorney, and a funeral directive. More related products will be released in early 2022.

“People will undoubtedly have a visceral reaction to Singing Portraits, whether they think they’re fun or unusual or cool or all of the above,” said Daniel Sieberg, GoodTrust Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer. “But if creating or sharing an animated photo motivates people to also take care of themselves and their families with our estate-planning services and other tools and think about their digital memories, then we’ve done our job.”

A limited number of Singing Portraits are available with a free GoodTrust account or users can create 10 per month with a Premium Plan ($8/month), which includes a Digital Vault to store account access and content, Will and Directives and increased online storage. 

GoodTrust is currently running a 2-for-1 holiday campaign that allows anyone to purchase a Premium or Lifetime Plan account and receive a code for the same plan to share with anyone.

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