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LAUNCHED: Create Your Free Will With GoodTrust

Jul-08 2021

By Daniel Sieberg GoodTrust Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder

The unthinkable happens. A loved one passes away unexpectedly and there are no clear directives about their final wishes. No letter. No statements. And no will. It's a tragic scenario that plays out countless times every day all over the world and leaves families and friends in a state of confusion and paralysis. In fact, roughly 67% of U.S. adults (140 million people) do not have a will.

At GoodTrust, we want to change that number for the better starting today by making it possible for anyone to create their will with minimal effort and time. In fact, we want to make it so easy that you can even do it on your mobile device in less than 15 minutes with our new tool. For free. No strings attached, you just need to print it and then get it signed by two witnesses for it to be legally valid.

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Historically, the idea of creating a will has arisen during moments of life change: marriage, having children, buying a home. But it's not just for people over the age of 40. In fact, according to a recent study, in 2021, 18-34 year-olds are, for the first time, more likely to have a will than 35–54 year-olds. 

The pandemic spurred many people to action as the specter of death surrounded us all. But the gap between those who have a will and those who do not is a significant chasm that needs closing in a hurry.

Why the reluctance?

Humans can be prone to procrastination especially when it involves something that feels uncomfortable or new or even scary. Certainly the notion of drafting a will and sourcing an executor and determining what might happen to your children does not inspire many happy thoughts. And the excuses are many.

Here are a list of the top ones:

  1. Unaware of the consequences of not having a will.

  2. Don't want to deal with family issues or hard decisions.

  3. A belief that only older or wealthy people need a will.

  4. Something you "should do" not "need to do."

  5. Don't know how to get started or feels too tedious.

  6. Too expensive.

The first four are important to overcome emotionally or intellectually and perhaps involve a conversation with your spouse or partner. As for the last one, we want to ensure there is no reason not to get started. We've reviewed other options on the market and we believe ours makes the experience as painless as possible.

Our new will-creation tool allows you to simply click through a series of straightforward questions and generate a PDF. You can make decisions about guardianship and choosing the right executor. It can then be printed for signatures with witnesses and saved offline as well as in your GoodTrust profile. You can then add a Trusted Contact to your account to complete the connection and keep it safe. It also works seamlessly on a mobile device.

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So take that 15 minutes to get started. The peace of mind will be priceless for you and your loved ones. Click here to begin.

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