Future Messages with Back to the Future


Launched: Future Messages - A Digital Time Capsule

Apr-29 2021

(How could we not have a little fun with "Back to the Future"?)

By Daniel Sieberg, Co-founder of GoodTrust and Chief Storyteller

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Future Messages, which allows anyone to create a text or video message and send it to someone at a time of their choosing. Think of it as your own personal time capsule. You could even send a message to yourself - or create one to be sent after you pass away. But you don’t need to wait until then. You could schedule a note just to say hi or send best wishes on an anniversary. 

I can still recall when I saw my maternal grandmother start displaying signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. I was 14 years old and it was her 75th birthday party. I awkwardly walked up to her with a gift and she said, “Oh thank you, dear. And who are you?” I loved my grandmother(s) so much, but that day we died in front of each other. Eleven years later she passed away (that’s her below - Muriel Lillian MacKenzie (nee Morrow).

(Daniel's Grandma - Muriel Lillian MacKenzie - created with GoodTrust Memories)

Ever since then I can connect the pathways of my own life through the intersection of storytelling and technology. What are the ways in which we can help each other - and ourselves - retain and share the memories that matter? 

With Future Messages, it’s all about the element of surprise and delight. And no doubt it would’ve impressed my paternal grandfather who worked in the sorting facility of Canada Post for more than 30 years; Future Messages will always be delivered on time - with no postage required. The choices of what to send are yours and private to you and the recipient. Here are some suggestions for how to use them:

  1. A Future Message to your future self for New Year’s Day resolutions

  2. To your children to recognize milestones or birthdays

  3. Maybe to your spouse or partner for an anniversary (do it before you forget!)

  4. Your parents for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

  5. Perhaps to a good friend to just check in and see how they’re doing

Future Messages also dovetails with our new GoodTrust Memories, which allows anyone to upload a photo - current or historic like the one of my Grandma - and animate them with AI and facial-recognition technology (in partnership with D-ID). It’s a fun and meaningful way to bring old memories back to life.

Now imagine the two together and you’re starting to see the roadmap for GoodTrust. We want to help you both plan ahead with your will and wishes as pertains to your entire digital life but also to allow for collaboration with loved ones today around memories and moments that matter.

The photo above is of my Mom and her Mom with me - I think I ended up eating part of a water glass that day (or so I was told). Memorable for a mix of reasons! And Moms are always there for us when we need them no matter what’s happening in our lives - we owe everything to them and their sacrifices (and of course the Dads too). With Mother’s Day on the horizon we’re also planning to create some compelling GoodTrust Memories and Future Messages so please watch for those coming soon.

Perhaps there’s no substitute for preserving family history the old-fashioned way through oral narration or writing them down on paper. But the fragility of those interactions can be lost to time as with anything in our lives. We believe technology can help all of us cling to the stuff that really matters - our stories. It’s at the center of the very fabric of our identity.

Try Future Messages today for free along with GoodTrust Memories (3 free animations with a registered account with the option to upgrade to GoodTrust Premium or buy more). And be sure to add a Trusted Contact (e.g. friend or family member) to share them both once you've created an account. Because while we can reminisce about the past and look forward to the future - there’s no time like the present.

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