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How To Delete Or Extract Data And Funds From A Loved One's YouTube Account

Mar-23 2022

Delete or extract funds and data from your loved one’s YouTube account  

Taking control of a loved one’s online accounts can be a major decision. But if you're ready to move forward then simply follow the guidelines below. It could be to shut down the account entirely, or you might want to memorialize it or extract content first.

If you're doing it for your own account then of course log in ahead of time. But if you're doing it for someone else - maybe they've passed away or become incapacitated - then you might need to tackle it without a login or password.

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How to Delete A YouTube Account (WITHOUT PASSWORD):

  1. Prepare important documents 

  2. Call or email customer service

  3. Follow instructions from CS Representative

Required Information:

  • Deceased full name and email

  • Link to the deceased profile page

  • Copy of your own government ID to prove relationship with the deceased

  • Proof of authority such as a Power of Attorney or Testament

  • Copy of death certificate

How to Delete A YouTube Account (WITH PASSWORD):

  1. Log in to the YouTube account

  2. Go to the bottom of the account and click “Delete Channel”

  3. Follow the instructions to delete the account

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