How to cancel a paid Pandora subscription and delete a Pandora account

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How To Delete Or Cancel Pandora Account | GoodTrust

Jul-27 2021

There are many reasons why you may need to cancel a Pandora subscription or fully delete the account. Maybe you’re trying to save money. Maybe you’re doing it on behalf of someone who has passed away. Whatever the reason, we’ll cover the steps to cancel a paid subscription and fully shut down an account below. Remember: Deleting the Pandora app off your phone or computer, for example, does not mean you deleted your account. You still need to follow the steps below to ensure everything has been fully shut down.

How to Cancel a Pandora Subscription

Canceling a Pandora subscription can be complicated, as there are eight possible ways to subscribe and pay for it. To cancel a Pandora subscription through:

  • Pandora: Sign in to the Pandora website or app, head to the Subscriptions section, choose "Switch Plans," then "Cancel Subscription." You need to enter the password again.

  • Amazon: If on a Kindle, go to "Apps," then "Store," and select "My Subscriptions." Choose "Pandora" and turn off auto-renewal. On an Android device, go to the "Appstore," tap "Subscriptions," choose "Pandora," and switch off auto-renewal.

  • Apple: On the user's Apple device, go to Settings, find Pandora under “Subscriptions” and opt to cancel the subscription.

  • Best Buy: Sign in to, click "Plans and Subscriptions," find Pandora, choose the cancellation option, and follow the prompts.

  • Google Play: Open the Google Play store on their Android device. Click their icon in the top right corner, head to "Payments & Subscriptions," choose "Subscriptions," and unsubscribe from Pandora. If you’re on the Play Store website, sign in to their account. The subscriptions should immediately appear on the screen, and you can unsubscribe from there.

  • Mobile Carrier: Contact the mobile carrier directly.

  • Roku: Log in to their Roku account on a computer, find Pandora, and hit “Unsubscribe”.

  • Sam's Club: Go to their Sam's Club subscriptions and cancel from there. Pandora helpfully provides contact information for each of the above in case you need additional assistance.

How to Delete a Pandora Account (WITH PASSWORD)

Pandora allows you to delete an account or cancel a paid subscription (and leave the account open). Deleting a Pandora account is permanent, and the company can't recover any part of it. So, be sure of your decision before going that route.

You may keep an account active for free indefinitely but if you opt to downgrade from a paid subscription to a free one, you lose access to custom playlists. However, the stations remain available.

If you have your loved one’s Pandora password, you can delete the Pandora account from a mobile device or computer. In both cases, you:

  1. Sign into the account

  2. End the paid subscription, if applicable

  3. Go to Settings

  4. Click “Account”

  5. Choose the “Delete” option.

You must first cancel any paid subscription and let it expire before permanently deleting the Pandora account.

Deleting a Loved One's Pandora After Death (WITHOUT PASSWORD)

If you have the user's sign-in information, you can go through the Pandora deletion and subscription cancellation steps above. Without sign-in information, you should contact Pandora directly to ask for advice.

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