Polar bear for Earth Day


Happy Animated Earth Day 2021 From GoodTrust

Apr-22 2021

The polar bear in the photo above may as well be saying, "Take care of our Earth - don't let me become a memory." Perhaps that's entirely fitting since the animation was created using the new GoodTrust Memories, which can bring any photo to life in meaningful ways using AI and facial recognition (as seen on CBS This Morning Saturday). As part of Earth Day 2021, GoodTrust will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund for every animation created today and shared with the hashtag #GoodTrustMemories #EarthDay.

Polar bears have long been a symbol of climate change and warming temperatures. Their habitat, the icy waters and icebergs of the Arctic, have been dramatically affected in the past few decades and their populations have declined. The warming waters means less ice, which requires the polar bears to swim great distances in search of food. This can lead to drowning or starvation.

But of course the damaging implication of climate change stretch all over the world. We can each take part in little ways that have a bigger impact as a whole and at GoodTrust we support the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund and countless other organizations seeking new solutions to protect our planet. The time is now in service of future generations.

Try GoodTrust Memories yourself for free - using photos that feature a human or an animal - and we hope you'll share the results with family and friends or on social media.

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