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Protects Your Digital Life & Bring Life to Old Photos w/ Fred Fishkin

Dec-07 2022

How to protect your digital life even after you're gone. 

Renowned journalist and technology enthusiast Fred Fishkin interviewed GoodTrust co-founders Rikard Steiber and Daniel Sieberg about how to protect your digital life now, and when you're gone.

GoodTrust can help you to write your will, protect your online life as well as help you plan for what happens to all of those log-ins and social media accounts when you're no longer using them.  Additionally, our new technology known as Story Portraits celebrates family memories by bringing photos "back to life" where the photo speaks for itself, using AI.  

Watch the full video HERE.

We are excited to be at the forefront of this technology and also of the conversation related to how this impacts the way we think about our digital life including photos and memories.

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