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GoodTrust Partners with National Benefit Partners to Empower Employee Financial Wellness

Apr-17 2024
  • GoodTrust and NBP team up to bring estate planning into employee benefits.

  • Addressing the gap in employee financial wellness through accessible estate planning.

  • Collaboration aims to empower employees with essential estate planning tools, fostering a culture of preparedness and peace of mind.

GoodTrust, a leading provider of digital estate planning solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with National Benefit Partners (NBP), an esteemed provider of employee benefit solutions. This collaboration aims to integrate GoodTrust's comprehensive estate planning services into NBP's extensive portfolio, offering unparalleled financial wellness benefits to employees nationwide.

Through this partnership, NBP brokers now offers  GoodTrust's comprehensive  services, including wills, trusts, and digital asset management, as part of their employee benefits packages. This initiative marks a significant step forward in making essential estate planning tools accessible and affordable to a broader audience, emphasizing the importance of financial preparedness and peace of mind for the future.

"Joining forces with National Benefit Partners aligns perfectly with our mission to democratize estate planning," said Rikard Steiber], CEO of GoodTrust. "I believe that everyone deserves the tools to protect their legacy, and this partnership enables us to reach more individuals through their trusted employee benefits programs."

Brian Jund, Managing Partner of National Benefit Partners, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "GoodTrust's unique approach to estate planning complements our commitment to offering innovative and valuable benefits to our broker partners. We're excited to introduce their services to our network, enhancing our holistic approach to employee wellness."

The partnership between GoodTrust and NBP underscores the growing recognition of estate planning as a critical component of comprehensive financial wellness. As more companies seek to support their employees in all aspects of life, this collaboration sets a new standard for the integration of estate planning services into employee benefits programs.

For more information about the partnership and the services offered, please visit www.MyGoodTrust.com and www.NationalBenefitPartners.com

About GoodTrust

GoodTrust is a leading digital estate planning platform dedicated to helping individuals secure their legacy and protect their digital assets. With a range of services from wills and trusts to digital vaults, GoodTrust is committed to making estate planning accessible to everyone.

About National Benefit Partners

National Benefit Partners (NBP) is an independent marketing company specializing in voluntary employee benefits and employer-sponsored solutions. With a focus on innovation and quality, NBP partners with premier providers to offer best-in-class services to employers and employees across the United States.

This partnership is a testament to the evolving landscape of employee benefits, where financial wellness and estate planning become integral to fostering a secure and supportive work environment.