GoodTrust Partners with Divorce.com to Bridge the Estate Planning Gap

Dec-07 2023

High U.S. divorce rate and lack of estate plans reveal critical gaps in post-divorce planning

  • There are 1.99 million marriages in the US annually and 50% end in divorce.

  • 67% of adults lack an estate plan highlighting a gap in the implications that occur post-divorce.

  • Estate planning laws vary by state, emphasizing the need to update plans for new circumstances.

Divorce is a significant life event that brings about a series of legal and financial changes. With 1.99 million marriages in the US each year and a 50% divorce rate, coupled with the fact that estate planning laws vary from state to state, individuals often find themselves needing to revise or establish an estate plan that aligns with their new personal and financial situations. GoodTrust and Divorce.com have recognized this need and have joined forces to offer a solution for individuals to navigate the estate planning process efficiently and effectively.

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