GoodTrust Memories Gets An Upgrade


GoodTrust Memories Offers New Ways To Bring Photos To Life

Jul-02 2021

Bring Your Photo Memories To Life Today

July 4th celebrations mean photos and videos will be shared, posts of fireworks and BBQs will spread across social media, and messages of joy will be exchanged with loved ones.  After creating an account, remember to preserve all those digital memories and assets by adding a new Legacy Contact who can steward what happens to it all in the event of the unthinkable. Without it, your priceless content could be lost forever.

We've also just launched a NEW feature with GoodTrust Memories that allows you to get creative with those photos and bring them to life with either a fun (see below) or nostalgic expression. It could be an image from Grandpa's birthday when he was a child or a recent graduation shot of your daughter. Even if you've used GoodTrust Memories before you'll want to check this out.

The AI engine will select which facial expression would best animate your image. You can then choose to redo it as you wish. It's the latest way we want to offer anyone the opportunity to both control and create your digital legacy.

Be sure to check it out today and enjoy the July 4th celebrations!