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VENTUREBEAT: GoodTrust Manages Your Digital Afterlife

Oct-01 2020

GoodTrust - your trusted digital legacy advisor. Learn more about GoodTrust here. This article is provided by VentureBeat.

"Retrieving personal photos from a loved one’s account on Google, Apple, or Facebook require expert legal knowledge and a court order. Those companies aren’t trying to make a survivor’s life hard. Just think of the consequences if they turned over an account to someone claiming to be a survivor when the “deceased” person was still alive."

Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat journalist interviews GoodTrust founder Rikard Steiber on what GoodTrust is and how we're changing the landscape of the death planning and digital legacy industry. Takahashi also points to industry competition and how GoodTrust is essentially a one-stop-shop kind of platform where you can not only manage your loved one's digital assets in one place but also handle all the legal and financial responsibilities that come with it. Managing digital legacy is hard, and now more than ever there is need for a more centralized solution to this overwhelming issue.

Check out the full VentureBeat article here.

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