Longevity Innovation Summit


GoodTrust Featured At What’s Next Longevity Innovation Summit

Dec-07 2022

GoodTrust, the one-stop shop to protect what matters, will be a featured participant in the What’s Next Longevity Innovation Summit in Washington, DC, Dec. 6-8 alongside the likes of AARP, governmental agencies on aging, and a cohort of other entities, to discuss online estate planning along with the importance of capturing family stories and memories in our digital era.

GoodTrust’s co-founder and CMO, Daniel Sieberg, will speak in DC during a panel about storytelling and legacy while GoodTrust’s VP of Business Development, Andy Lopez, will offer an inspirational lightning talk to motivate anyone to take action to protect what matters today. The event helps entrepreneurs, investors, and various other companies across the longevity eco-system to connect and learn more.

“It’s clear that GoodTrust is at the forefront of innovation with estate planning and storytelling and legacy,'' said Mary Furlough, CEO and founder of Mary Furlong & Associates and Executive Producer of the summit. “At the summit they’ll join a phenomenal roster of companies looking to bridge the gap between technological innovation and the universal experience of aging.”

Discussions designed to empower, educate, and innovate

GoodTrust also has a suite of unique estate-planning tools from a last will to medical directive and funeral directive, a durable financial power of attorney, and even a pet directive that all work seamlessly with a Digital Vault for a simple and secure way of storing and sharing. Anyone can get started right away to complete their estate plan in less time than it takes to do the dishes after Thanksgiving and the issue of accessible estate planning has never been more important: roughly 2/3 Americans do not even have a will.

We’re incredibly excited to join the impressive cohort at the What’s Next Longevity Innovation Summit,” said Sieberg. “We constantly evaluate our roadmap to provide the best ways to help protect what matters and this group represents people on the cutting edge of what’s possible to empower anyone to live well longer.”

GoodTrust will also showcase its innovative AI-based feature called Story Portraits that was launched in November and allows anyone to add audio to digital photos and make them speak. Storytelling is core to the future of GoodTrust by allowing people to protect what matters through sharing and preserving memories for future generations. You can create your own Story Portrait after creating a free GoodTrust account.

To mark the occasion and celebrate a new milestone of 400,000 registered users, GoodTrust is also giving away the audiobook authored by the company’s co-founders for free. Entitled, Digital Legacy: Take Control Of Your Online Afterlife, the Google Play edition can be downloaded here and the Apple Books edition can be downloaded here.

Get started today with a free account and discover all the ways you can protect what matters with GoodTrust.